NWF Geocaching Event Saturday May 15th in Reston

The NWF (National Wildlife Federation) is embarking on a Geocaching Program.  The pilot program will be held on Saturday, May the 15th 2010 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.,  at the Walker Nature Education Center,  11450 Glade Drive Reston, VA.  A topic outlining this program is currently active in the NoVAGO Events Forum – just click on the blue title bar for this post to goto that topic.  The program is designed to get children and families back to the outdoors by incorporating geocaching as a recreational activity (shades of The National Forum on Children & Nature, eh?).  Of course, … Continue reading

2006 NoVAGO Geocache Awards

Hey, hey it’s that time again…NoVAGO would like to recognize the outstanding caches and cachers for the 2006 calendar year. Please review the nomination guidelines and submit your selections by February 28th… Actual voting will take place during the month of March. Here are the Categories: Best Kids Cache Best Location Best Hike Best Theme Best Name Best History Related Cache Best Micro Best Multi-Stage Best Mystery/Puzzle Best Traditional (non-micro) Best Letterbox Best EarthCache Most Creative Cache Cache of Year Rookie of the Year Cacher of the Year Send your votes to: cacheawards(at)novago.org … Continue reading

Feedback for NoVAGO based on Loudon Connection Article

Got this feedback a bit ago through the site, thought you all might find it interesting! Message: I read the article in the Loudoun “Connection” which prompted me to take a look at your website. Very nice. I read with interest that Mr. Rountree lives in Ashburn. You might be interested to know that our family, which includes Jeremy Irish, the founder and CEO of Groundspeak, Inc. in Seattle, lived on Wayside Circle for 7 years from 1991 to 1998. Jeremy left Virginia in 1998 to work in Seattle for an IT firm, then created the website that led to … Continue reading