NoVAGO Membership

Membership in NoVAGO is open to all interested persons who support the purposes stated in our Bylaws:

This Organization shall:
i. Provide an opportunity for its membership to gather and socialize with one another thru the organization and provision of events, meetings, and electronic forums
Work as closely as possible with State and local Park Managers and other property management officials to protect the natural resources of the state and the rights of the Organization membership to geocache in the State of Virginia, thru the education of existing regulation and best practices.
Promote the “Cache in Trash Out” program to assist in the maintenance of parks and trail systems.
Promote Geocaching as an existing and adventurous outdoor recreation for the whole family and gain acceptance of the game within Virginia.

An active member shall be defined as an individual whom attends at least three or more club events annually or otherwise actively contributes to the club via the Website or other Organization related activities.

Why Should you Become a NoVAGO Member?

While NoVAGO provides support to everyone who seeks it, we offer several benefits to our members. We have a large membership and welcome and encourage you to join NoVAGO for free.

Access the Member Forum

View and post on a board on our forum that’s exclusive to NoVAGO members. Ask for help and advice from our members and search the forum for lots of information. NoVAGO’s forum discussions go back over fifteen years.

Forum Image

There is lots of great wisdom from the sages among the pages.

Nominate, Vote and Serve in NoVAGO Officer Elections

Do you know someone who would make a great member of the officers? If you want to help give back to make NoVAGO even better, you can nominate yourself to serve on the board. Want to be able to vote on which geocachers represent NoVAGO? Then become a member! Use your membership to influence the work and direction of NoVAGO.

Support NoVAGO

NoVAGO is a member-led organization. Become active and join in! Our members are crucial to the existence and success of what we do – we appreciate your support.

Convinced? We hope so!

Become a member. It’s free.