Drops Benchmarking Drops Benchmarking

Geocaching HQ made an announcement on October 17, 2022 that they will be dropping Benchmarking from the website. As part of their page updates, all logs will be removed. Owners who wish to save this information should do so as soon as possible. In addition, all challenge caches that require benchmark finds will be archived. Benchmark finds will stay in user statistics, so that others can know that you logged some before they were gone.

The official announcement was hidden in the release notes within the forums. You can read it it here.

Geocaching HQ is recommending that users who wish to continue logging benchmarks do so by moving to their sister site,

So, why the change? The code is old and will be too burdensome to update to make it work with the rest of the site. Honestly, it has been on borrowed time for year.

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