2023 Series: Moviepalooza

Announcing the start of the NoVAGO annual caching series!

This year our theme is movies. We’ve named it Moviepalooza. Members of NoVAGO will be hiding geocaches around the area over the next few months. We are hoping to see at least twenty new, movie themed caches publish.

Caches in the series

(updated as they publish. list on geocaching.com)


Noveez Awards are open to all NoVAGO Moviepalooza cache finders and hiders. An award category will be announced about every two to three weeks. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony event. You do not need to be present to win. Details of different award categories are shared in our Facebook Group.


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  1. Sunfl0wer and Indy-bikes attended the premiere tonight. As they drove in and around the red carpet, they knew it was going to be a big event! Great times were had. Lots of conversation,
    Good information, and that “timely” movie, what can you say. They heard about some thing called moviepoloosa but didn’t quite understand what it was all about. We all just hope things become more clear as time goes by.
    Well that is all for now. Untill next time, be safe out there and have a good night. Signing off……

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