2022 Annual Series Kicks Off – School Starting Soon

NoVAGO Kicks off 2022 Annual Series with Two Events Students Start Registering for Classes NoVAGO University is this year’s theme for our friendly, team oriented, geocaching games. Teams started forming as early as 9:30am on Sunday, August 14th at a kick-off event in Sterling, VA. A second event was held later in the day in Lorton. Geocachers who attended the events were asked if they wanted to join one of three Greek houses to make college life a bit more fun for the next several months. Choices were PAF, DNF, and GPS. Some noted that there wasn’t a team FTF, … Continue reading


Northern Virginia Geocaching Organizing Announces its 2022 Fall Series: NoVAGO-University Join a team! Find geocaches! Compete in fun contests to earn points for your team. Members might remember our club’s Survivor series, or our more recent pandemic boredom busting Olympics. The newest games are a college themed challenges, where members compete to earn point for their Greek house (toga’s may or may not be optional.) Two Kick-off Events, August 14, 2022 9:30-10:30 AM – Sterling (GC9THP1)   &   12:30-1:30 PM – Lorton (GC9WD00) The kick-off events will be an opportunity to meet potential team mates and pledge together on a … Continue reading

NEW ANNUAL SERIES: NoVAGO’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Santa needs help… save him before it is too late and “Cachemas” is ruined… WHAT IS THIS? NoVAGO is pleased to announce that a new series began in December.  It will consist of 8 new caches, one bonus, and an Adventure Lab and released on each Saturday until the series conclusion. A kickoff event was held in Woodbridge on October 30th. HURRY! FIND THEM ALL AND SAVE SANTA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! The series so far: Nightmare Before Cachemas: Zero Nightmare Before Cachemas: Lock, Shock & Barrel Nightmare Before Cachemas: The Mayor Nightmare Before Cachemas: Dr. Finkelstein Nightmare Before Cachemas: … Continue reading

Cache Across Northern Virginia Series & Coin

NoVAGO is offering up the chance to see some of the more unusual sites in the area over the course of the next few months while working towards a Cache Across Northern Virginia coin.  The first cache can be found at Paxton Manor near Leesburg, VA. Details: The cost of the coin is $15.  As part of this 2020 NoVAGO series, you can earn $.50 off the cost of a ‘Cache Across Northern Virginia’ coin for each cache you find. Take note of the code provided in each as proof. To claim your coin you will need to send a … Continue reading

Hide a cache: NoVAGO’s Annual Series

Have you always wanted to be a part of hiding caches in NoVAGO’s annual series? Not sure who to ask or where to start? Now’s the time to raise your hand and show your interest. We’ve developed a survey for interested COs to submit their cache ideas. What do you need to know? The D/T ratings for these caches will be no higher than 2/2 to reach broadly across the caching community. Each cache page will include a description that highlights the area, focusing on history and/or places of interest. The page should include links to at least three additional … Continue reading

QUE3NBE3 is the Sole Survivor

After finding stunning caches stashed around NOVA, chomping through the funky feast, and competing with surprising cacher upstarts, it came down to the final three— SP4Fun, QUE3NBE3, and Minnestrone. At the January 19 voting event, each of the three finalists answered questions from their former tribemates before the vote for who would claim the title of Sole Survivor. As host Zippy Probst read the final votes during the event finale, the cache-a-ways watched with nail-biting anticipation… …until QUE3NBE3 was announced as the winner of Survivor18. Having started off as a member of the Mattaponi Tribe she seemed like a long shot to … Continue reading

SURVIVOR18: Who will be the Sole Survivor?

Join us at the fire pit at Freddiecrs’ as the members of the Chickahominy tribe vote for the SURVIVOR18 winner. Our three remaining Survivors are: minnestrone     QUE3NBE3     SP4FUN It is NOT required that you bring anything but yourselves to this event, but if the spirit of Survivor moves you, feel free to bring a dish and drinks to share. A lawn chair wouldn’t be a bad idea either if you want to park your backside by the fire pit. SURVIVOR18: The Vote Saturday, January 18, 2018 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Freddie’s ‘Lost Road’ Lean-to 5363 Buchanan Court Woodbridge, … Continue reading

SURVIVOR18 Update: All Merged Up

First 5 geocachers from Mattaponi and Patowomeck tribes have found all SURVIVOR18 caches and merged into the 12 member Chicahominy. The Patowomeck tribe were the first as first to fill up with the red buffs.  Cache Clown 76, Pfenix, Nothereeither, Tmustang1, and Topazfae all completing the Merge Challenge in under two days.  The Mattaponi’s had a slower start before all 5 of there buffs where collected.  Que3nbe3, The Unstealthy Monkey, Awesnap, Blurryfac3, and Minnestrone all completed the challenge in under 4 days.  These ten join the eating challenge winner Serrabou and the Immunity Idol holder SP4FUN to form the twelve … Continue reading