Voting Open for 2023 NoVAGO Officers


Last month we asked our membership to nominate volunteers to fill the officer positions for the 2023 board. You can read that article with the job descriptions by CLICKING HERE. You can also find a link to our By-Laws here. [This post has been updated from a previous version, no longer on the site. If you voted before December 8th, your first vote was deleted and you may vote again in this new election.]

The office of president is the only contested position this year. Please read a little about each candidate in the drop menu below before heading to the voting form.

Christopher G. “Awesnap”

I have been a member of NoVAGO for 10 years.

Any current or previous positions held in NoVAGO? Director (2014 & 2020) and Public Relations Officer (2016-2019 & 2021)

When asked if I was interested in coming back at PR, I thought why not go for the BIG TOE position. I have left my mark on the PR position, and I really don’t want to do that again.  I am full of ideas, and I love the people and organization.  I would like for NoVAGO to focus more on Park Relations with our CITO’s and series cache placements. I have been kicking around an idea to lure a MEGA event to the area and feel as NoVAGO President I could do more to accomplish that.

Gina T. “ThompsonKickers”

I have been a member of NoVAGO since 2016.

Any current or previous positions held in NoVAGO? Director (2021) and Vice President (current)

My name is Gina T. aka ThompsonKickers & I have happily accepted the nomination to become NoVAGO’s President if my fellow cachers, that’s you, chose me for this task.  

Why should you vote for me and what will I do for the organization?  

Geocaching is an amazing game and a lot of different types of people play.  Some have been around many years while others are just learning what geocaching is.  For both, I would like to find ways to make the NoVAGO caching experience amazing and memorable and to keep cachers, well.. caching here! 

I have amazing ideas on how to engage the new cachers and help those who are local become more involved.  When cachers are brought together they become more knowledgeable while caching, placing caches and learning how they can help and join the organization. 

Together with the other officers and directors I’d like to find ways to reach out to new cachers and welcome them to the area.  I’d like to see every cache in the area representing NoVAGO, spreading the word that NoVA is a great place to cache and all cachers are welcome and wanted here.

I know this is important because I began caching in January of 2016 and found the NoVAGO website by chance for the photo contests.  Not knowing much about the organization I enjoyed finding caches with a few friends.  I was told about a big spring event and that was the first I had attended.  I was truly hooked from that day forward.  My friend group expanded and then even more the first year I participated in the NoVAGO annual series.  Placing caches for the events and also joining a team each event that followed. 

Developing a great bond and friendship with other cachers really solidified my desire to do more in the area.  In 2021 I accepted a nomination to be a director and then in 2022 accepted the VP nomination, not quite ready for President yet.  Over the past year as VP I was hands-on in projects such as the Spring & Fall events, rounding up nominations & launching the annual cacher / cache awards voting.  I am excited about the opportunity to become even more involved in 2023 and hope to see more and more of you at events and beside me helping the organization grow.  Although, no matter the results of this vote, I will continue to enjoy caching in NoVA, meeting up with fellow cachers, participating in activities and will do my part to help others enjoy the game.

I am ThompsonKickers and I approve this bio.

Voting is open now and will stay open through December 27th at midnight.

In order to have your vote count, you must provide your name, e-mail address, and the user name you log into this website with. 

Please forward questions or concerns regarding the election to

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