“Number nine…number nine…number nine…” GCZ54W

A nifty “numerical” event hosted by flyingmoose.  The numbers are significant because the event takes place on 9 September 2009 (9/9/9)…get it?  To add to your mathematical confusion….one must be in attendance at 9pm to sign the log.  Moose chose a great venue for the event, the food there is fantastic…and I know the geocacher company will be as well.  Mark your calendar…you’ll have a great time.  Clicking the post title above will take you right to the cache page.

NoVAGO’s “Summertime and the Livin’s Easy” Event GC1WB4R

It’s official, it’s been published, and this is the one you’ve been waiting for!  The NoVAGO “Summertime and the Livin’s Easy” Summer Event will take place on 23 August 2009, at Vint Hill Farms Station.  Everyone is invited to attend this great social experience…members, non-members, visitors, and the curious.  There will be an “Ice Breaker” so you get to meet those you don’t already know – put a face to those names you see in the logs.  A game or two, a Silent Auction, maybe even a raffle….and yes — food, some of the best food you ever stuck a fork into!  Check out the NoVAGO Event Forum for topics on the Event, and Silent Auction.  Clicking the blue title bar above will take you directly to the event page…and while I’m thinking about it…talk the event up – it’s outside the normal “new cache notification zone” so some may miss that it has been published.  Tell every cacher you know about it…nobody should miss this one.  See you there!!

NoVAGO Puzzle Class Event (GC1V7V2)

A class to share puzzle solving tips and ideas. Time is 6:30- 8:00 on July 29th. Location is the Chantilly branch of the Fairfax County Public Library located at Stringfellow Road and Rt. 50.

Some people seek out puzzles and some avoid them like the plague. I think the latter group (I think know cphug184 is talking about me there) misses out on two things: some fantastic caches and the double victory of the solve and the find.  I marvel at some of the creativity of fellow cachers out there and they add value to my caching experience.

I hope to give you some tools to enjoy similar experiences.  This evening, we will discuss some generic types of puzzles using some local puzzles and some not so local.  We will talk about how to figure out what possible paths to take to solve puzzles and we will share some internet tools that make things a little easier for you.

You can find all the particulars on the cache page, click the blue Post Title to be redirected.

Hmmm… It’s A Certain Someone’s Birthday ;) GC1V4X9

Rufnredy is “aholic” – he’s a cache-aholic, he’s a pizza-aholic, and mostly he’s a friend-aholic…and he’d like his friends to join him in celebrating his birthday.  GC1V4X9 is an event cache, and will be held at Ci Ci’s on 21 July 09.  You can find all the particulars on the cache page, click the blue Post Title to be redirected.

Ruf’s as healthy as an Ox, but he’s been known to do some really foolish things while hiking in the woods – if his luck changes for the worse…well, he just may not be around to celebrate next year, so come on out and wish him a happy birthday before it’s too late.  The event is also a great way for old friends to catch up, make some new friends…and for the newer members of NoVAGO to put some faces to names.  Good Food, Good Times, Good Fun — see you there!

REMINDER: GC1MPYN Flash Mob Wedding 31 May 09

“Wedding Bells” (Are breaking up that old gang of mine) by the 4 Aces.  Ok, so most of you aren’t old enough to remember that song.  That said, here’s a chance to take part in a wedding.  The TeamObbie1 “Flash Mob” wedding is Sunday, May 31st 2009.  It’s a regular celebratory trifecta: Attend a unique wedding; partake in a Flash Mob; Attend a geocaching event.  For complete details please goto the cache event page here – http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1MPYN&Submit6=Go  Please remember to pay particular attention to the “logging requirements”, reception to follow at the Temporary Road Picnic Pavilion (walking distance).  Come join friends, family, and your fellow NoVAGO’ers in wishing Dave and Lori a lifetime of wedded happiness.

NoVAGO 2008 Cache/Cacher Voting to End 10 May 09

One of the items on the agenda for the May 17th 2009, NoVAGO “Spring has Sprung” Event (GC1QBV1) is the announcement of the 2008 NoVAGO Geocache Award Winners.  In order for that to happen, the voting results have to be tallied, so the deadline for submitting your vote(s) is established as midnight, Sunday, May 10th 2009.  That means this coming weekend will be your last chance to visit those nominated caches.  Please show your appreciation for all the enjoyment you get out of geocaching by participating in the voting process.

2008 Cache/Cacher Awards Voting & NoVAGO Spring Event

Voting for those fantastic caches vying for your recognition is going very slowly, I realize that many of you would like to complete more of the caches on the list before casting your votes.  Please do so, but by the same token…don’t wait too long.  Although a cut-off date for voting has not yet been determined…I expect it may be within the next month.

2008 Geocache Award Voting

Below are the caches and cachers up for awards. You have until midnight on May 10th to vote. If you have time, visit the caches below, and then vote by picking one cache from each category, and email your vote to: dorkyrooster[at]hotmail[dot]com

There will be an update on this thread on the end of the voting period

There will be extra incentive to visit these caches, in the form of another cache GC1P34J (published shortly) that you can log after you visit 40% of the caches and/or series nominees.

I’ve created a bookmark list with all the nominated caches.

Here are the nominees listed in each category:

Best Theme/Series

Curse of the FTF Northern Virginia by Cabar Feidh
Be the Gynocologist by reedkickball
Prince William County Artillery Series by manvacamp2000
Dirt Stumpy’s Dendrology Series by Dirt Stumpy (TeamObbie1)
Potomac Tailmasters by cphug184
Cryptic Tryptic by zgrav
Wild Pony Series by The Girls & I
234 Series by The Girls & I, Res414cue, and Hyperactive Girl
(ALLH) A Little Local History Series by cphug184
Black Box Series by vcir100
Nano Man Series by zgrav, goldendaze, jajvennett, serrabou, 4everYoungs, and pengie123
Ipod Series by jeffnerner
Skippy Series by CBElliott

Best Kids Cache

Sparrow Trail by mapman132 (GC1JJQJ)
ALLH#4-The Vienna Ambuscade by cphug184 (GC1HTPC)
Hey Lego My Cache by iceleftd (GC1JDFH)
Rutro – Kid’s Cache by Rutro (GC1FGT3)
Are you smarter than a fifth grader? by BlueRkt and MiniRocket (GC1EEHW)
Be the Gynecologist-Snips and Snails by reedkickball (GC1BBBW)
CRSVPN1 – Revenge of the Shadow King by DisneyFanClub (GC1K24E)
CRSVPN2 – Ender’s Game by DisneyFanClub (GC1K249)
CRSVPN3 – City of Ember by DisneyFanClub (GC1K21F)
Denne’s Glad Slam by cphug184 (GC1B2YY)

Best Location Cache

Raccoon Ridge by Serrabou (GC1DGN4)
Guilford Signal Station by FirstDue (GC1EE06)
Be the Gynocologist-Final by reedkickball ( GC1BBC1)
The Bull Stops Here by Tazmasized (GCIBYC5)
Old Rusty by DisneyFanClub (GC1JN1Y)
Bye Bye Birding by JessSea-(GC1D97)

Best Hike

Motherlode by Zygote2k (GC1891X)
Raccoon Ridge by Serrabou (GC1DGN4)
Fountainhead Black Box Multi by vcir100 (GC1DMPS)
Rock N Robin by 2Wheel’in (GC1BNXF)
Going Home by flyingmoose (GCXN65)
Lend Me Your Ears by Serrabou (GC1E5N6)
Cookie Monster by Tazmasized (GC1B54E)
Scout Stuff1 by Jeepincrew (GC18JRX)
Scout Stuff2 by Jeepincrew (GC18JTE)
Between the Rock Rails by Tjmudhunter (GC1CTRC)

Best History Related Cache

ALLH#4-The Vienna Ambuscade by cphug184 (GC1HTPC)
ALLH#8-George Lamb and the Fairfax Rifles by cphug184 (GC1JW0N)
Sworn Allegiance by StarryEyeGuy (GC1BNXH)
Vienna Exploration by Robert (GC1HX14)
Guilford Signal Station by FirstDue (GC1EE06)
Prince William County History by reedkickball (GC18HZ2)
Quantico National Cemetery by reedkickball (GC1HTJ0)
Voices of Chantilly – ALLH#2 by cphug184 (GC14XAV)
Capping Tinner Hill by zgrav (GC1ERZH)
Conner House by Cabar Feidh (GC1E7RV)

Best Multi-Stage Cache

Raccoon Ridge by Serrabou (GC1DGN4)
Boris by Zygote2k (GC1DB65)
Vienna Exploration by Robert (GC1HX14)
Rock N Robin by 2Wheel’in (GC1BNXF)
Sword Allegiance by StarryEyeGuy (GC1BNXH)
Fountainhead Black Box Multi by vcir100 (GC1DMPS)
TAKE A TRIP TO MARS by CrazeVixen, Stopnthnk, Sk8erkid (GC1D725)
Robins Nest by 2Wheel’in (GC1BPO5)
Motherlode by Zygote2k (GC1891X)
The Kings Park, and Parking Lot by Donbert (GC1G38V)
Leaky Plumber by Twister69 (GC1FD6)

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache

Mastermind by Failed Stealth Alliance (GC16QWC)
Prince William County History by reedkickball (GC18HZ2)
Go West, Young Man! (cache not here!) by cphug184
Circles, Circles, and more Circles by DisneyFanClub (GC1JF2J)
Schedios by NetworkCacher (GC193K0)
Medicine? By jajvennett (GC1FPDZ)
The Rule of Four: Hypnerotomachia by GoldenDaze (GC1JD4G)
Cache Idiot by stolaf (GC18KEB)
150 Potomac Trailmasters- 150 by Friends of the Potomac Trails (GC1D0WE)
100 Potomac Trailmasters- 100 by Friends of the Potomac Trails (GC1CZXB)
Wandering Rainboard by Zgrav (GC1G3PQ)
The Daily Grind by Zgrav (GC1K0QZ)
Vienna Exploration by Robert (GC1HX14)
50 Potomac Trailmasters- 50 by Friends of the Potomac Trails (GC1CYAR)

Most Creative Cache

Wandering Rainboard by Zgrav (GC1G3PQ)
A-SEA-TOE-MEN-A-FIN  by 2Wheel’in (GC1H119)
NO VACANCY by TexasGrin (GC1B3DJ)
Meet the Owner by gldwing_rider (GC1ECW9)
Going Home by flyingmoose (GCXN65)
Bubba’s OOPS by Marmon69 (GC1DAP5)
T.E. By twister60 (GC1ERXD)
Manx by blubber-nuggets (GC1HA24)
The Rule of Four: Hypnerotomachia by GoldenDaze (GC1JD4G)
Dinner and a cache by Lionheart (GC19CD0)
Sofa King Impossible by CrazeVixen (GC1EWRA)
Be the Gynocologist-Final by reedkickball ( GC1BBC1)

Most Challenging to Find

Silver Bullet by srcek (GC192E0)
Sofa King Impossible by CrazeVixen (GC1EWRA)
Go with the Flow by MooseMaMa (GC19J60)
“No Mercy” by Wetfit (GC1JB15)
The Beaver’s Dam Evil Puzzle Cache by rufnredy (GC1993D)
Enjoy the Show by TexasGrin (GC1BEHE)
Twins by gldwing_rider (GC1J9QZ)
Boris by Zygote2k (GC1DB65)
Keep Looking by TexasGrin (GC1BVN5)
What rhymes with lemon? By NetworkCacher (GC1AVK6)
Four Miles High by flowerman (GC1GA93)

Best Cache or Series Outside NOVA

Frostburg State Little Pictures by acarina & Mamatech (GC1EQV1)
Mitheria by flyingmoose (GCZ54T)
PMC – The Song of the Master Sun by mmammel & Sue-Cat (GC1BJX)
Cache Across Maryland
Masonic Caches
Mr. B’s Sanctuary by CW & Spouse & Dog (GC1B0CK)(GC1B0E2)(GC1B2R9)(GC1B3YM)(GC1B65T)(GC1B666)(GC1B71G)(GC1B7TM)(GC1B7V1)(GC1B7VE)(GC1B7VJ)
The Curse of the FTF-The Original by The Last Airbender

Best Log

GoldenDaze-The Innsmouth Horror-link
Reedkickball-Dirt Stumpy’s Dendrology Series#5 –link
Jschwef-Liver Dancing-link
jmarkowi-You’re gonna laugh –link
Rufnredy-Prince William County Artillery – The Final –link
GoldenDaze-The Headless Horseman-link

Best Picture

Tazmasized-Be the Genealogist-SSDI-link
Tazmasized-Koz’s Koncert Kache-link
Tazmasized-The Monster Cache-link
Reedkickball-Winged Fighter-link
Bish-Raccoon Ridge-link
Serrabou-Be the Genealogist-Soudex-link
Artweld-Tower of Power-link
MooseMaMa-Melissa’s Piney Hollows Cache-link
Mcmillie on WWFM-link
Artweld-Broad Run Trek Rapids, Oh My….-link
Reedkickball-Liver Let Die-link

Cache of the Year

Mastermind by Failed Stealth Alliance (GC16QWC)
Raccoon Ridge by Serrabou (GC1DGN4)
Boris by Zygote2k (GC1DB65)
Rock N Robin by 2Wheel’in (GC1BNXF)
Circles, Circles, and more Circles by DisneyFanClub (GC1JF2J)
Vienna Exploration by Robert (GC1HX14)
Sofa King Impossible by CrazeVixen (GC1EWRA)

Rookie of the Year

Hyperactive Girl

Cacher of the Year

Bubba Q. Jack
Cabar Feidh

Also, a little advance notice…the date of 17 May 2009 was selected for the NoVAGO Spring Event, and it will be held at the Edwards Landing Pavilion in Leesburg.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend – the Cache Event page will be published very soon.  Great people, great food, and a great time is guaranteed.

Where can I, how can I, is there???

Who the heck are CVGA and MGS?  What’s the most popular GPS receiver?  Where can a “newbie” ask questions?  What’s CAM?  How do I project a Waypoint?  Who’s in the Cacher Spotlight?  What does YAPIDKA mean?  When is Team Obbie1 getting married?  Can I write a review on a favorite cache?  Who owns a Delorme PN-40?  How can I find someone to cache with?  How do I volunteer to help NoVAGO grow?  Where can I get some technical advice?  How many NoVAGO members are there?  What’s the Maryland Municipal League (MML) Series?  Who’s in charge(sic), and why?  Are there any geocaching games/competitions?  Can I get help placing my first cache?  What’s GeoWoodstock, and when/where is it?  How can I find out about upcoming NoVAGO events?  What’s the NoVAGO Cache Rescue Mission all about?  How old is NoVAGO? — ok, you get the idea.

When it comes to NoVAGO and geocaching, do you know all the answers?  I know I certaily don’t, but there’s a readily available resource than can sure shed light on an awful lot of geocaching subjects, it contains a wealth of valuable information, and I’m bettting you’ll find lots of answers there.  I’m talking about the NoVAGO Forums (see “Discussion Forums” on the blue bar above).  By golly, if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for…why, you get to ask a question!!  Whatever your past experience with on-line forums, Bulletin Boards, or Newsgroups has been…I think you’ll find the NoVAGO Forums to be refreshing.  There’s no “nit picking”, no arguing, no fussing…just a great exchange of information over a wide range of topics.  The sad thing is…I get the feeling that less than 10 to 15 percent of our membership ever get past this Home Page to read those forums.  Go ahead, check them out…I think you’ll be surprised, and you don’t have to participate…you can “lurk” – at least you’ll be a better informed lurker.

NoVAGO 2008 Cache Awards: Call for Nominations

Yahoo, it’s recognition time!!! Time to recognize those caches, and cachers who have made geocaching in the NoVAGO area a rewarding experience. The NoVAGO 2008 Cache Awards Program is now accepting nominations in the following categories:

  1. Best Theme/Series
  2. Best Kids’ Cache
  3. Best Location
  4. Best Hike
  5. Best History-Related Cache
  6. Best Multi-Stage
  7. Best Mystery/Puzzle
  8. Best Cache (or Series) Outside NoVa
  9. Most Creative Cache
  10. Most Challenging-to-Find Cache
  11. Best Picture in 2008 posted to a cache log
  12. Best Log in 2008 on a Cache
  13. Cache of Year
  14. Rookie of the Year (any cacher that found their first cache after August 1st, 2007)
  15. Cacher of the Year

Nominations will close on 15 March, and actual voting will commence on or about 16 March. Please refer to this topic in the NoVAGO News & Announcements Forum for full particulars. Everyone plays this game their own way, and you no doubt enjoy it or you wouldn’t be a NoVAGO member…please take the time to make some category nominations to recognize the efforts of those who make this pastime so enjoyable.

2009 NoVAGO Meet and Greet/Sit and Eat

Don’t forget to attend the 2009 NoVAGO Meet and Greet/Sit and Eat this Sunday, February 15 at George Mason Library on Little River Turnpike in Annandale.   Meet the new officers and board, find out the direction of NoVAGO in the upcoming year and see how you can enhance your caching experience!

Also, cache pages for new caches will be provided.  There are 5+ ALLH (A Little Local History) caches, all within Annandale.