Say Goodbye to 2023 and Hello to 2024 with NoVAGO

Members Host Events Before and After the New Year across Northern Virginia

As announced by Geocaching HQ, there are two opportunities to earn some souvenirs. Earn Farewell to 2023 by finding any geocache, attending an Event, or completing an Adventure Lab® Location from December 24–31. Earn Greetings from 2024 by finding any geocache, attending an Event, or completing an Adventure Lab® Location from January 1–8.

Thanks to all our volunteers who host these events so that the rest of us can get together and share geocaching stories. Here’s what coming up for you to earn these colorful souvenirs:

Moviepalooza! The Noveez Awards

Annual Series Wraps up with Awards Event

This year our theme has been cheesy movies. We’ve named it Moviepalooza. Pre-selected members of NoVAGO have been busy hiding geocaches around the area since early October. Let’s call them the producers. The rest of us have been searching and (hopefully) finding all these great caches. We can call ourselves the audience. As the series comes to an end, lets get the audience together to give the producers an applause. There just might be some recognitions to give out for the audience members as well. You won’t want to miss it!

Woodbridge Monthly Meet and Greet is hosting the Awards!

Waters End Brewery, 12425 Dillingham Sq., Lakeridge

Saturday, December 16, 2023

2:00 – 3:30 pm

Be sure to let the host and hostess know that you are coming. Please RSVP on the event page: Woodbridge M&G December 2023 (GCAGR20)

Voting Open for 2024 NoVAGO Officers


Last month we asked our membership to nominate volunteers to fill the officer positions for the 2024 board. You can read that article with the job descriptions by CLICKING HERE. You can also find a link to our By-Laws here.

Thanks go out to our board members who are returning in one way or another for 2024. The following candidates will be automatically sworn into office on the first of January: Dave P. (rufnredy) for Vice President, Monica L. (TrexM8s) for Secretary, Freddie C. (freddiecrs) for Treasurer, and Heather C (hrothroc) for Public Relations.

The office of president is the only contested position this year. Please read a little about each candidate in the drop menu below before heading to the voting form.

What is your caching name?

My name is Gina T. (ThompsonKickers) and I have graciously accepted the nomination to become NoVAGO’s 2024 President – if all of you amazing cachers out there, yep, I’m talking to you, choose me for this role.

What is your caching background?

I’ve been a member of NoVAGO since 2016 and I’m not just a member – I’m a volunteer and geocacher! I love to promote and participate in the NoVAGO annual series, by hiding and finding the caches. (As President a goal of mine is to also bring MORE NoVAGO-themed caches or series in 2024 so everyone can be a part of NoVAGO in some way.) You may not know this, but I began caching in January of 2016 and found the NoVAGO website by chance for the photo contests. Promotion is so important to me because I would not have even known about the group had I not accidentally found it. At first I didn’t know much about the organization and had no idea how great it could be. Once I was told about a big spring event and that was the first I had attended, and I vowed I’d make new friends and participate as much as I could to be part of this amazing group of people. I jumped in with volunteering for projects such as the new and exciting Ice Breakers, Spring and Fall events, Tip Jar, rounding up nominations and launching the annual cacher/cache awards voting and more.

What is your NoVAGO volunteer experience?

After becoming a Director in 2021, then Vice-President in 2022, my ideas led me to President in 2023. Now I wish to continue on the journey in 2024. Together with the other officers and directors, I would like to continue to promote NoVAGO with every cacher in the area, spreading the word that NoVA is a great place to cache and all geocachers are welcome and wanted here.

What would you like NoVAGO to accomplish in 2024?

Who loves Geocaching? Who knows about Geocaching? Who is excited and would like to see more Geocaching events and collaboration with local parks and the public? If that’s you, then I’m all in because that’s what I want to do as well. I have been very honored to hold this position this last year. Just like caching, being President one year in, gets your feet wet. But not just wet, the “muddy, stuck in your socks” wet that you can’t get rid of. You get ideas that you didn’t have before, you start building on smaller ideas that you did have before you started. That’s where I am right now. My brain is full of so much excitement for the next year in NoVAGO.

What’s all the excitement talk about? I know you may have already read what we all did collectively last year, as I posted it in the President’s Favorite posts last week. For me, it’s personal, I love all of you and have the need to make sure everyone is involved and having a great caching experience.

I want to recharge those of us who have been around a while, get motivation to jump on board, and do some volunteer work for NoVAGO. One of my biggest goals is cacher involvement. BIG, small, in the middle, no matter where folks are in their wish to be involved, that’s where we want them to be, then help them step it up a notch by bringing great things to all cachers as a team of volunteers. I’m not saying I want everyone else to do the work, I’m in knee deep and together we can make the NoVAGO caching experience amazing and memorable and to keep cachers, well…caching here!

Continuing to engage new cachers is a big part of this as well. Last year I put a big emphasis on encouraging new cachers. I want to keep this rolling by continuing to reach out and invite them to events, helping them to feel welcome to our group of amazing friends. Bridging new cachers with seasoned to help them become more knowledgeable while caching, placing caches and learning how they can help and join the organization.  

Other ways to promote Geocaching is by growing the Geocaching 101 in local Libraries and Scout groups, which is another long term goal. When collaborating with these groups, we create awareness, but even more than that, when a local cacher is presenting or providing information for this fun activity for everyone it bonds them to the local community and our geo-family grows strong.

With the community in mind, I plan to increase the CITO events, this helps keep the earth clean and yet again bonds cachers to each other and the area’s they clean up. CITO truly are text book community care caching. Through CITO, not only do we clean areas up, but we work to grow connections with park management and local government to keep geocaching open to the community and to promote the geocaching hobby to the greater community.

Another goal is, working with the board, finding new ways to increase the available funds to provide great large group events for all as well as other projects in the works in the future. Having funds makes all the cool things happening. The budget is all set for now, although we just want to keep on building the bank.

I have truly become friends with so many cachers new to me and new cachers alike while being President this past year. Becoming connected with other geocachers and how they love the game truly fires my desire to do more in the area. I myself love geocacaching more every day and never tire of the excitement of an event, new cache, new friends and new ideas. Working together with the Board and Directors of NoVAGO in 2024, if elected, I plan to work hard so every geocacher feels like I do. Although, no matter the results of this vote, I will continue to enjoy caching in NoVA, meeting up with fellow cachers, participating in activities and will do my part to help others enjoy the game.  In the end I just want the organization to GROW!

ThompsonKickers loves geocaching and geocachers, and I want to make geocaching in NoVAGO better for geocachers like YOU!

What is your caching name?

My caching name is Effstop.

What is your caching background?

I have 10 years of experience as a geocacher, with more than 6000 finds. I completed the Big 4 challenges this year – placed date calendar, found date calendar, Fizzy D/T grid, and Jasmer calendar grid. I also accomplished a streak of 530+ days a few years ago.

What is your NoVAGO volunteer experience?

I served as NoVAGO Vice-President in 2020 and 2021 and as a NoVAGO director in 2022. I hosted the NoVAGO Spring 2021 picnic. Also, I have hosted more than 50 events for local cachers.

What would you like NoVAGO to accomplish in 2024?

During the coming year, I want NoVAGO to offer these opportunities:

  • 1.     Bring back the “Cacher Spotlight” feature to Facebook and the NoVAGO website, with a focus on newer NoVAGO members,
  • 2.     Have a NoVAGO Pathtag contest,
  • 3.     Offer many classes on geocaching related topics, such as Cachetur, GSAK, hosting events, Adventure Labs, and road trips,
  • 4.     Bring back the Valentine’s Day event,
  • 5.     Create a Wheelchair Access trail, perhaps in partnership with the Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS),
  • 6.     Offer “Spend a day caching with an officer” opportunities,
  • 7.     Continue the Spring and Fall picnics, and
  • 8.     Continue the annual NoVAGO series.


Voting is open now and will stay open through December 30th at midnight.

In order to have your vote count, you must provide your name, e-mail address, and the user name you log into this website with. 

Please forward questions or concerns regarding the election to

For assistance with website login credentials, contact

Presidents Favorite Points ❤️

2023 @ a Glance (Back)!

What happened this year in NoVAGO? Wow, the year has flown right by! I can’t believe the cold weather is upon us. Every winter I want the warm weather, until the green grows in, then I want the cold, then the leaves hide all the caches I want to find. Hopefully everyone had time while the weather was “perfect” to grab some caches this year, there certainly were a lot of great ones published.

Before I was elected as NoVAGO President last year I started a list of goals I would love to see happen for us. Our Officers and Directors group also had items on this year’s agenda and I’m happy to say we have accomplished many of those goals and have opened the doors to more! From the outside it may be hard to tell, but we have had many discussions, changes and growth as a group.

Cacher Involvement

To us, it seems like many cachers have really gotten involved this year and that makes me so happy. I feel that NoVAGO had a part in that connection since one thing we have been working on is awareness of the organization and how each of you can become involved. Reaching out to new cachers has been on our list and as COs collectively we made a pledge to message newbies when they find our caches. We have been reaching out to them, saying hello, welcoming them and giving tips and recommendations where to cache. (Speaking of recommendations, during the Fall picnic the icebreaker asked for the best of the best locations. We will post those for all to see soon.) We also ask who wants to be involved. Sometimes people just don’t know where to take the first step and that’s where we come in at gatherings. Just another part of how our ideas for events and activities come to life in real life caching!

Let’s talk a little more about new cachers. This year we’ve had several successful Geocaching 101 events at libraries and scout groups across our whole region. Many supportive, seasoned cachers came and welcomed new cachers with hints, tips and ideas on how to find and place caches to keep the game alive in fun and safe ways. The feedback has been great and more 101 events are planned for 2024 – including resurrecting some more advanced sessions!

Public Relations

Thanks in large part to Heather (hrothroc), the NoVAGO web site and Facebook page have had quite a lot of action. Conversations with cachers and cache logs have contained links to direct anyone into the action right before their eyes. NoVAGO board members were posting notifications of events and important information, including ABC’s of caching, spotlights on locations, caches and cachers. The excitement got members jumping on the page and sharing their experiences. It’s all right there at the click of a mouse or tap of your finger for everyone. NoVAGO has certainly grown together this past year.

Guess what? We are just going to keep on getting better so, make sure you don’t miss the next big event. How do you find those? Well on the web page of course! We have a full calendar of not just our events, but all local events that have been published. We also have upcoming event cards that are distributed at local events, with CO permission of course. So find an event and meet us and other cachers.

Events – Events – Events!

The major NoVAGO events have had an amazing turnout this year averaging 50 names on the logs! We’ve upped our game with amazing locations for the Spring and Fall events, provided master chefs (led by Kirk – dephogration & special guest ThompsonKickers geohubby, Eric) and unique icebreakers that were just as much fun to make as to play. We also published new caches, not just for the event days, but we worked with the parks to keep them for future cachers. We’ve created a play book/checklist for events to make sure future events go just as smooth. The fall Auction was outstanding and organizing this was a great task in itself. This year we even had a CITO before the Fall Picnic (thanks, Awesnap!) and have made plans for this to continue going forward. Having CITO events truly align with one of our objectives of partnering with and helping keep our parks clean. NoVAGO has made some investments to bring a better event experience to all – and by the talk of the town, it’s working!

Committees Making Things Happen

Another big thing we accomplished this year was truly adopting committees for our special projects. Having a specific team of dedicated folks working on these projects maximizes the outcome – and also helps the board have time to work on other tasks.

One of those teams is the Awards committee, Michael (Schwandt) & Jesse (MrPsyduck) who put together an amazing plan that resulted in lots of nominations and an increase in voters. The presentation at the Spring event honored winners with more than just their name. Our presenter talked about each cacher or cache and that really gave that personal touch expressing what they have been doing for the game and honoring them. If that wasn’t enough, new awards were personally designed and created by our amazing PR Officer Heather.

Right now are you enjoying the Moviepalooza? Well that’s another NoVAGO project. We have a team led by Susan (sp4fun) who selected the COs and together have made this an amazing Fall/Winter Series. I can’t wait to complete this one.

Another group of volunteers, led by Monica (TrexM8s) worked to create an outstanding fundraiser to mark the New Year. They designed – and many of you purchased the 123123 trackables that are available for purchase. It’s a win-win, you get a trackable and NoVAGO has some more funds to invest in our game.


Speaking of the budget, no organization is without the burden of funds – and fundraising. Do we have enough, are we spending enough, are we spending too much? These are all questions that we talk about every month and we have a budget that we collectively created for the next year and a full five years out. This information is available for all members to view on the member page of the website. You will see we’ve been working hard to find ways to increase our available funds for a better caching experience in NoVAGO.

Open Leadership

Don’t forget – being a member is completely free, we do all we do to keep it this way. So jump on in and see what’s happening to make caching in NoVA better! The meeting minutes are also posted, in case you didn’t know every member can be in the know, just take a look. Officer meetings are also open, and our web page calendar shows the dates of Officer meetings – along with all of those events. Anyone who wants to jump on and listen in – and can and should, especially if you have great ideas to share. Alternatively, you can email us directly at or catch any of us at an event. The great thing about this organization is we all are here for the same reason and we work together to reach our goals.

And guess what, in case you missed it, Geocaching HQ spotlighted NoVAGO this year so we must be doing something right! So get involved, be a part of the action and find out how you can be part of NoVAGO (more)!

Working together for you. Whether it’s creating event pages or logos, working on the budget, organizing events, community outreach, collecting donations, updating social media, purchasing needed items, manning the grill, taking pictures, helping new cachers all while being a supportive geocacher. This is what we do and we’re not done yet! Thank you!

Attendees at geocaching 101 class in Winchester, VAMembers pose for a group photoThompsonKickers prepares for her Geocaching 101 class at library in Winchester, VA.Members check out the many auction items during the 2023 fall picnic.The CITO before the picnic was well attended.Members check out the many auction items during the 2023 fall picnic.Group Photo at the 2023 NoVAGO Spring PicnicMembers eating and talking at the 2023 NoVAGO Spring PicnicGeocachers from the event are on the trail looking for caches.


Happy 123sDay Trackable

To help you celebrate this New Year’s Eve and its doubly cool date – 12/31/23, NoVAGO and MGS are pursuing a joint fundraiser for area cachers. The two groups are working with Oakcoins/GeoSwag to produce three customized versions of the World Wide Group Project Happy 123sDay trackable (

The MGS version will feature colors from the Maryland state flag. In the NoVAGO version, the trackable will highlight the blues and greens of the great Virginia outdoors. There will also be an American version featuring red, white and blue. These fundraisers will only be available through MGS and NoVAGO. You can purchase one trackable for $15two trackables for $25 or three trackables for $35. Your trackables will be delivered during NoVAGO and MGS caching events on New Year’s Eve.

By November 13, please share your purchase plans with NoVAGO or MGS. Payments will not be due until after the trackables are delivered in December. If you have questions, please contact Monica Lynch or Michael Schwandt from NoVAGO or Larry Potter or Cindy Shafer from MGS.

Accepting Nominations for 2024 NoVAGO Officers


All the events and activities you enjoy throughout the year are the result of a very dedicated team, also known as your board! Nominations for the following NoVAGO Officer positions are now being accepted through November 30:

Vice President
Public Relations

The terms for these positions start January 1, 2024 and last for the full year. Directors will be selected by the Officers during the first part of 2024 to serve during the year. You can (and should) check out the job descriptions below to see what is involved. You can find the official descriptions in the NoVAGO By-laws. Currently serving Officers are listed in our About NoVAGO section.

As current President Gina Thompson (thompsonkickers) mentioned recently in her monthly NoVAGO message, we especially encourage local cachers with NoVAGO volunteer experience to give consideration to being nominated.

If you are interested, or know someone who is interested, in serving NoVAGO during 2024, please reach out to Jesse (MrPsyduck) or Michael (schwandt) at by November 30. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at that e-mail address or through


The president is in charge of all of the organization’s activities and business. All other officers report to the president. The president must give an annual report to the board, like a State of the NoVAGO speech, along with his/her plans for the future. The president must present the budget for the fiscal year.


The vice-president shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President and make arrangements for scheduling meeting dates and locations. The vice-president also supervises committees, when we have them.


The secretary keeps the minutes of the board and performs any other duties with might be prescribed by the president or board.


The treasurer has charge and custody of all the funds of the organization and keeps full and accurate records of receipts and disbursements, deposits money into the NoVAGO bank account, makes payments when requested by the board, and makes reports on transactions and the financial condition of the organization. The treasurer is in charge of forecasting and financial planning and assists the president in preparing the annual budget.


It is the job of the public relations officer to present the advantages of being a member of the NoVAGO in association with Geocaching, as a healthy and enjoyable hobby/sport in general, utilizing all media and/or means at his/her disposal. The public relations officer will be the official “welcome wagon” on the website and other social media. This entails keeping content of the website current and relevant and by encouraging members to interact with the website, its forums, or other social media. The public relations officer will be responsible for the website and associated accounts, its ongoing maintenance, updates, and overall management. The public relations officer will work with other organizations to increase the awareness of the NoVAGO inside of the hobby and work with organizations outside of the hobby who may acquire an interest in the relationship to Geocaching through the NoVAGO. The public relations officer will inquire of the membership for potential participation in media interviews, presentations, classes, and assist the other officers in awards and ceremonies. The public relations officer must be available to spend a great majority of events at the registration table as well as help the other officers in any presentations or themes for events.

2023 NoVAGO Fall Picnic

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, NoVAGO held its annual Fall Picnic. The event was held in Lorton on the new Laurel Hill Central Green. Prior to the event there was a CITO event, also on the Central Green. During the event, several geocaches published around the park. There was also a silent auction which took place during the event.

This year’s NoVAGO board is a high functioning team and while all the members contributed advice the following were there in person to make the 2023 NoVAGO Fall event as success!

TrexM8s compared locations and found one big enough for our group. She worked with the park managers to make the event a success, including getting permission for the CITO and the caches hidden in the park. In addition, she helped organize the silent auction. ThompsonKickers provided a new twist to the icebreaker, decorations, several donations and her positive energy. Hrothroc promoted the event and provided a welcome to cachers and assisted freddiecrs with the auction payments — what a line! Dephogration was the grill master and brought the hamburgers, hot dogs an other supplies, cleaning of the grills and the wind made his job that much more difficult this time. Nothereeither was the designated onsite photographer and took the group picture – getting everyone in! Awesnap: Published the colorful pages for the the GCACC6C: Clean up the Green CITO BINGO with NoVAGO and GCABN9Y 2023 NoVAGO Fall Event: Laurel Hill Central Green. He created a BINGO card for the CTIO – not that cachers need incentive to clean up but some do like a competition! He also created the Adventure Labs and Bonus:  NoVAGO Moviepalooza: The Mouse House BONUS cache was able to be found by completing the two part NoVAGO Moviepalooza: The Mouse House Adventure labs.  TP711 provided one of the labs.

  • The CITO before the picnic was well attended.

Board members weren’t the only ones helping out. TrexM8s came up with the idea that we should have as many different types of caches on the same day. No small task, she reached out to rlobecker who helped her scope out possibilities and the park manager Marcos Suarez approved all seven spots selected. Cachers now have the opportunity to find 7 caches and 10 adventure labs – in addition to all the other fun caches in the Lorton park area. In addition to the labs, a few of the best Springfield area cacher hiders stepped in to help place caches that showcase the variety of types:

Earthcache: Bric(k) a brac by kiisikwa
Letterbox: Letterbox at Laurel Hill by SP4FUN
Multi: Stretch your legs multi-cache by TrexM8s
Puzzle:  geoCAPTCHA by rlobecker
Traditional:  Let’s play Disc GolfTrexM8s
Wherigo: Sleepy Hollow by CwillyPngn

Thanks to everyone that donated items to the auction! The Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS)REI-Woodbridgeand others provided a wide variety of auction items. Thanks to LMNLanchot for keeping the bid sheets and goods in their proper place. The wind did it’s best to mix things up! The funds go towards the picnics, community out reach events and awards handed out at the Spring 2024 picnic for the best of 2023.

It is awesome that the above is a long list as these events are hard for any one or two individuals to pull off on their own.
However, everyone contributed if the brought food, moved tables, picked up trash and items that blew away, answered questions, shared their experiences, performed an act of kindness, found caches, and had FUN.

Thank you all for a wonderful day!

*This article was co-written by TrexM8s and hrothroc.

For photo albums from the event, please log in to the site and visit the Members-Only section of the Forum.

Mooviepalooza! Intermission

We are half way through the roll out of the 2023 Northern Virginia geocache series, Mooviepalooza. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to find some of the wonderful caches based on some really cheesy movies. There are more yet to come and plenty of time to find them all. But first, time for a break. Join our cache series “producers” for a meet and greet.

Date: Sunday, November 12

Location: Santini’s New York Style Deli, 12300 Costco Plaza Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

Time: 1:30-3:00pm

Be sure to let the hostess know that you are coming. Please RSVP on the event page:

NoVAGO Moviepalooza: The Intermission (GCAFV3Y)

President’s Favorite Points ❤️ 

Your NoVAGO, Your Choice, Your Chance to Nominate, Vote and be part of the action.

Right now you could be thinking: What in the world are you talking about, Gina?  

Don’t worry…I’ll tell you…sit back for just a moment. This month’s message will be
shorter…For real.  If you are still reading this, you care about or are curious about
NoVAGO and its goings-on. Here we go…

How the NoVAGO Board Gets It Done

NoVAGO has a group of dedicated officers, elected each fall by your geocaching peers,
and directors, confirmed by the officers, who have volunteered to go above and beyond
to keep our operations going, big and small.  Each month the NoVAGO board comes
together to make decisions and take actions on ideas to make geocaching fun in our area
for all cachers – both local and visiting. Working on your behalf, we decide on events
and activities, find ways to raise and save money to do fun stuff across northern
Virginia, keep everyone informed via the website, Facebook, track finances and even

But it doesn’t stop there.  The board as a whole is working behind the scenes to keep
these dreams growing and moving, engaging other volunteers to help, doing hands-on
work for events, and gathering ideas to bring to the table to be discussed and voted on. 
The officers also provide assistance and guidance to the committees selected to help
with special projects.  It takes time and dedication to make it all happen, although it’s
also a very exciting and rewarding experience. 

How Officers Get Elected

To keep things fresh and exciting for all, each year brings opportunities for a new
volunteer and the selection of officers and directors.  Potentially, there could be the
same crew in office or a whole new board could be elected.  Any or all of the officers can
express their interest to continue for the following year, throwing their hiking sticks
back in.

In regard to selecting new officers, this is where you come in – by nominating and
voting.  Since NoVAGO officers are here to serve fellow geocachers, you have a voice and
this is the time of year to express your thoughts for 2024. If you know someone who has
been active with NoVAGO in the geocaching community and you think would be great in
one of the positions; President, Vice President, Secretary, Public Relations, Treasurer,
please take the opportunity to nominate them (perhaps after talking to the person first.)
You could nominate current officers or new candidates, including yourself in the coming
weeks. Whether or not you participate in the nominations, please cast your vote when
the elections are conducted in November.

How You Can Get Actively Involved

Obviously there are some things to think about when considering someone or yourself to move towards or into a leadership position.  

  • A VOLUNTEER is anyone who volunteers to do anything at all for NoVAGO. No need to be voted or nominated for this, anyone can do it. Just reach out to usand let us know how you would like to participate.
  • An OFFICER is elected by other NoVAGO members each year and are the core decision makers of the board.  It’s important to have all positions filled by dedicated volunteers for a successful year.
  • A DIRECTOR is a volunteer who is nominated and selected by the current year’s officer’s to serve on the board and meet monthly and help make future plans for NoVAGO. (2024 Directors will be selected by the new officers in January.) 

So if you are thinking: “Where do I stand? What can I do?” think about this: you do not
have to want to be a director or officer to volunteer…we need lots of folks like you for
small tasks so reach out to offer your help.

  • If you have not recently volunteered or served as director or officer, please – PLEASE – volunteer to be part of a project, or help out some other way to test out the NoVAGO waters and determine if you are interested in doing more.  
  • If you have volunteered more recently, but never served as an officer or director, consider finding out more about becoming a director.  
  • If you have been an officer or director before, you are most likely familiar with NoVAGO and are a great candidate to become an Officer! Reach out to our Nominations Committee or a current board member to express your interest.

If you think YOU would like to be an active participant in the NoVAGO volunteer group,
reach out to Michael Schwandt or Jesse Chou (our amazing Nominations/Elections Committee) or let a current Officer or Director know your interests and they will guide you onto a path of volunteering and leadership.

Ok – so it wasn’t as short as I intended it to be, but hopefully it was informative.  Keep an
eye on FB and the NoVAGO website for more information on when to nominate, vote or

Keep on caching peeps.
Gina Thompson (thompsonkickers)
2023 NoVAGO President

Moviepalooza! 2023 Series Kick-off Event

Announcing the start of the NoVAGO annual caching series!

This year our theme is cheesy movies. We’ve named it Moviepalooza. Members of NoVAGO will be hiding geocaches around the area over the next few months. We are hoping to see at least twenty new, movie themed caches publish.

Join the Moviepalooza Kick-off Event

Bring a chair, grab some popcorn! Plan for fun!

Saturday, September 30th, 2023

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Be sure to let the hostess know that you are coming. Please RSVP on the event page: NoVAGO Moviepalooza: Premiere (GCADRYW)