Two Upcoming Events Scheduled

Do you like to meet interesting, like minded, friendly people? How about good food…do you like good food? Then GC1KZYG “Over the Hump – Once Again” is an Event you should really enjoy. It takes place on 11 Feb 09, starting at 6:30PM at the Fuddruckers in Annandale. (Thanks to D&C for reviving this one).

Now…if you do not like people or food, but you do like books…then take a gander at GC1KR68 “Well Would You Look At That?”. It”s a month long 2-28 Feb 09 Geocaching Display, constructed by NetworkCacher for NoVAGO, in the Kings Park Library, Fairfax County, Burke, VA. This one will do much to educate the public about geocaching, and will also increase awareness of the pastime as legitimate recreational activity. What a fantastic idea!!

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