Accepting Nominations for 2020 NoVAGO Officers

NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN! All the events and activities you enjoy throughout the year are the result of a very dedicated team, also known as your board! If you want to help give back to make NoVAGO even better, now is your opportunity. NoVAGO’s Officer Elections are fast approaching. Nominations will be open for the month of November followed by voting in December! NoVAGO’s Officer Corps consists of these five positions: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Public Relations You can find details about these positions in the NoVAGO By-laws ( ). Nominations will close on December 15, 2019, at which … Continue reading

Redesigned website and user registration

Have you had a chance to check out NoVAGO’s website redesign? We’ve overhauled the appearance in an attempt to modernize its look and feel. We are also hoping to move away from the dated forums. We hope that you’ll take a few minutes to look around and familiarize yourself with the layout and information available. — The most recent post will be featured at the top center of the home page. Click to read the full post. — The new layout will also suggest other posts for you to read. — The left sidebar has a link to join our … Continue reading

Cache Award Winners: Swag

Did you or your cache win an annual NoVAGO cache award? Were you or your cache nominated? If so, find your profile or cache page swag below: 2008 Award Winners <center><img src=×125.png></center> 2009 Award Winners <center><img src=></center> 2010 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2011 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2012 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2013 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2014 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=×300.jpg></center> <center><img src=×225.jpg></center> 2015 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=×272.jpg></center> <center><img src=×249.jpg></center> 2016 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=×176.png></center> 2017 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=×300.jpg></center> … Continue reading

2016 NoVAGO Geocache Award Nominations Open

By: Serrabou Each year NoVAGO honors some of the best caches that were placed in Northern Virginia. Cache nominations and awards are a chance for you to recognize the efforts of fellow NoVAGO cachers who have placed hides that you have enjoyed. Please consider sending in nominations, we need your input ! From now and until the middle of February, we will be taking nominations for the categories below (see following post in this thread for a description of categories). After the nomination period ends, the list of nominated caches and cachers will be consolidated into a ballot. Once the ballot … Continue reading

NoVAGO Officer Nominations OPEN NOW!

Attention all NoVAGO members! NoVAGO’s Officer Elections are fast approaching. Nominations are open now in the forums! NoVAGO’s Officer Corps consists of these five positions: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Public Relations You can find the details about these positions in the NoVAGO By-laws. Nominations will close on November 30, 2015, at which point a ballot will be assembled and posted here. Head on over to the forums to make your voice heard! … Continue reading

Vote Now: 2014 Cache Awards

Voting for the 2014 NoVAGO Awards is currently open, and will be through Tuesday, April 14th.  Check out the list of nominees on the forums and when you’re ready, cast your votes using this form. The caches in the nomination list are also available in bookmark form to help identify them. If you’re headed out this weekend, check out the list and perhaps visit a nominated cache or two! And don’t forget: we’re also planning a challenge cache like those from previous years. Voting is a great way to participate in this annual NoVAGO event.  Every ballot counts! Vote early and often! … Continue reading

NoVAGO’s Warmer Winter Event

Have you posted your “Will Attend” log for the 2014 Winter Event? We are pleased that Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington will be hosting us this Sunday, February 23rd, for the event. Check out the event page or the forum posts to learn more about the current status on the potluck continental breakfast, the information sessions, socializing, lab caches and other activities. You can even follow the event on Facebook.

Introducing NoVAGO Meet-Greet-and-Chats!

Come one and all! Starting this Thursday, September 26, NoVAGO will begin hosting regular online meet-and-greets. When? Thursday evenings (beginning September 26th). The first week we’ll schedule the chat from 7 to 8 pm, and then adjust things earlier/later as needed. Where? Our venue for the gathering is the mini-chat on the forum front page. Who can participate? Anyone! Regular posters, quiet lurkers, newbies, oldbies…all are welcome to stop by and say hello. We look forward to “seeing” you on Thursdays! … Continue reading

NoVAGO Spring Event At The Blue Ridge Center (GC2RR99)

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz…ain’t you glad you is?  NoVAGO’s first seasonal event the “Spring Event At The Blue Ridge Center” will be held on 15 May 2011.  Come one, come all…you don’t have to be a NoVAGO member, you don’t even have to be a Virginian…whether you’re a new cacher, or an old timer…come on out and meet some great folks, eat some delicious food, and have a great time – it’s guaranteed!!  You can find all the particulars for this event by clicking on the blue title bar for this post.

NoVAGO “Frozen Event” GC1132A 27 Feb 2011

Come one, come all to what (regardless of the weather) promises to be a warm time with good friends.  Long time geocacher, or just getting started, NoVAGO member, or not…everyone is welcome.  NoVAGO is hosting a “Frozen Event” GC1132A at Lake Fairfax Park, click the blue title bar above to go right to the cache page. – Specifics are: 9am, 27 February 2011 Lake Fairfax Pavilion “K” (next to the lake) Coffee and other hot beverages along with breakfast pastries will be provided. NoVAGO Coins and Patches will be available for purchase. Lake Fairfax Park has many geocaches, and there … Continue reading