SURVIVOR18 Eating Challenge Recap!

As witnessed by Nothereeither:

For those of you who had more important things to do today, here’s recap of the “SURVIVOR18: Eating Challenge.” It was loosely officiated by ZippyFin and pfenix.

The challenge started out with QUE3NBE3, SP4FUN, TheUnstealthy Monkey, freddiecrs, Nothereeither (actually my proxy did it for me in exchange for screen time), Serrabou, Cache Clown 76, and Awesnap participating.

The menu included:
First course: Molded Jell-O Spaghettios with wasabi peas
Second course: Mexican pickled sausage
Third course: Fermented bean curd (also known as fermented tofu)
Fourth course: 皮蛋 (Century egg)
Fifth course: Korean Silkworm Pupa
Sixth course: Garden Cream Wafers Durian Flavour Wafer
Seventh course: Surströmming
Eighth course: Zophobas morio (live superworms; reptile food that bites back)

All of the contestants made all the way through, except my proxy (oh well no additional screen time) CC76 made a $5 donation to NoVAGO to buy immunity from one round. You’ll have to talk to the competitors if they lost any parts of their lunch. The organizers hadn’t expected everyone to make it to the last course, so the rules were changed for the last course. It was the person who opened their mouth first after consuming the superworms. Everyone was warned about the fact that the bugs bite and to [prevent bites the head should be crushed before consuming them. Serrabou won by downing them whole and uncrushed. If he lives, he’s earned a place on the combined tribe. He should check out the article, “Dinner’s Revenge: mealworms that survive in the stomach, then eat their way out of predators.”

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