Feedback for NoVAGO based on Loudon Connection Article

Got this feedback a bit ago through the site, thought you all might find it interesting!

Message: I read the article in the Loudoun “Connection” which prompted me to take a look at your website. Very nice. I read with interest that Mr. Rountree lives in Ashburn. You might be interested
to know that our family, which includes Jeremy Irish, the founder and CEO of Groundspeak, Inc. in Seattle, lived on Wayside Circle for 7 years from 1991 to 1998. Jeremy left Virginia in 1998 to work in
Seattle for an IT firm, then created the website that led to this popular sport. We are his parents, now living in Colorado, and watch with amazement as the sport continues to grow. Best of luck to NoVAGo!

Thanks for writing, Mr. Irish! And thanks for allowing me to share your note.


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