Caching the Capital Region and Beyond Adventure Lab

Since 2006 the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization has had “Caching the Capital Region and Beyond” in our crest. NoVAGO was recently awarded 10 new Adventure Labs and has opted to place them around the District of Columbia. With this latest Adventure Lab we strive to take cachers into the District to show off a few things they may have missed during past visits.

During a test run of these we found that grabbing most of these easily done by those red DC Bikeshare bicycles.  None of these 10 labs require admission fees, security check points, or to go inside any buildings.  Only three of these are not available 24/7 and you can find those posted hours on the lab pages.

NoVAGO want’s our community to cache with confidence and has permission for all virtual placements. On 11JUL19 the National Mall and Memorial Parks supervisors noted: “As long as nothing is physically left in the park, like a traditional geocache, and participants can access these clues from public areas then that shouldn’t be a problem!” Enjoy these lesser known highlights of DC.

Here We Admit a Wrong – N 38° 53.671 W 77° 00.629

Taxation Without Representation – N 38° 53.723 W 77° 01.867

Ashes to Answers – N 38° 53.829 W 77° 01.149

Let Her Works Praise Her! – N 38° 53.387 W 76° 59.349

Freedom Riders – N 38° 53.345 W 77° 01.479

I have not yet begun to fight – N 38° 53.295 W 77° 02.370

The Great Liberator – N 38° 53.586 W 77° 02.522

Adventure, Labor, and Vision – N 38° 53.200 W 77° 03.011

Ugliness is so Grimm – N 38° 52.718 W 77° 03.080

Waves and Gulls – N 38° 52.575 W 77° 02.839

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Originally from Southern Maryland, I moved to Northern Virginia in 2006 where I discovered geocaching in 4 years later. I have been directly involved with the "goings ons" of NoVAGO since 2014 as a director, and I was the Public Affairs Officer for 4 years from January 2016 to December 2019.


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