Upgrade available for cachetur.no

Introducing cache-turminator.no

Cachetur.no is a powerful trip-routing tool that has taken off in the caching world. However once all those caches are loaded up the challenge can be having enough time to stop and find them. Problem solved: announcing cache-turminator.no!

With cache-turminator, load up all the caches on your route as usual, and then hop in the car. Cache-turminator will *automatically* log caches for you as you drive by!

Using a comprehensive data catalog of cache details gleaned from a platoon of log-reading web robots, an advanced log-writing algorithm will piece together and post clever no-signature found-it logs at a pace mere humans only dream of. Example logs: “got the bison in the tree, forgot a pen, tftc”; “log too wet to write on”; “saw it but couldn’t reach it”. The cache-turminator database also includes pictures of the cache containers so you have the option to post “photo” logs.

How about those pesky virtuals, earthcaches, and even lab caches that require an answer to be sent? Have no fear, our robots are very thorough and when you auto-log these cache types a message with the correct answers will be sent to the CO. Spit spot, on to the next one…at 65 mph!

Think of the hundreds, nay thousands, of caches you can log on a road trip. Not to mention the ink you’ll save!


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