Cache Award Winners: Swag

Did you or your cache win an annual NoVAGO cache award? Were you or your cache nominated? If so, find your profile or cache page swag below: 2008 Award Winners <center><img src=×125.png></center> 2009 Award Winners <center><img src=></center> 2010 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2011 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2012 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2013 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=></center> 2014 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=×300.jpg></center> <center><img src=×225.jpg></center> 2015 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=×272.jpg></center> <center><img src=×249.jpg></center> 2016 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=></center> <center><img src=×176.png></center> 2017 Award Winners and Nominees <center><img src=×300.jpg></center> … Continue reading

Presenting the 2017 NoVAGO Cache Award Nominees

Congratulations to all of the 2017 NoVAGO Cache Award nominees!  To see a complete list of nominated cachers and caches please go to NoVAGO’s 2017 Cache Awards — Nominees.  This year a record breaking 28 cachers nominated 624 the best geocaches, logs, and geocachers of Northern Virginia from 2017. Voting will take place in late March and the winners will be announce at the 2018 NoVAGO Spring Event (TBA).  Check back in the future as we update the information on this.  In the meantime we encourage all NoVAGO members to hunt down and find these caches before voting. On a sad not there … Continue reading

NoVAGO’s 2017 Cache Awards — Nominees

🤩 😈 🥳 NoVAGO’s 2017 Geocache Awards 🥳 😈🤩 Listed below are the caches and cachers nominated for awards for 2017. Thanks very much to those of you who took the time to send in nominations! Voting will begin soon, and will remain open until a few weeks before the Spring Event. ➡️ Meanwhile, all curious and avid NoVAGO cachers are encouraged to visit as many of the nominated caches as possible before voting. Here is a bookmark list of the nominated caches. Go get ’em! Winners will be announced at the 2018 NoVAGO Spring Event, May 6th. (There is not a bonus cache for finding … Continue reading

2017 Geocache Awards: Nominations

Each year NoVAGO honors some of the best caches that were placed in Northern Virginia. Cache nominations and awards are a chance for you to recognize the efforts of fellow NoVAGO cachers who have placed hides that you have enjoyed.  Until January 29th help recognize the great caches and the people who placed them by nominating your favorites for the 2017 NoVAGO Cache Awards!  For more information on categories please head over to NoVAGO’s 2017 Cache Awards — Nominations in the forums. … Continue reading