2022 Annual Series Kicks Off – School Starting Soon

NoVAGO Kicks off 2022 Annual Series with Two Events

Students Start Registering for Classes

NoVAGO University is this year’s theme for our friendly, team oriented, geocaching games. Teams started forming as early as 9:30am on Sunday, August 14th at a kick-off event in Sterling, VA. A second event was held later in the day in Lorton.

Geocachers who attended the events were asked if they wanted to join one of three Greek houses to make college life a bit more fun for the next several months. Choices were PAF, DNF, and GPS. Some noted that there wasn’t a team FTF, which would have been their first choice. While others felt that that DNF might stand for ‘Driver, Navigator, and Finder’ which sounds like a great choice, too.

NoVAGO-U Kick-off, Sterling. Photo by effstop

House DNF. Photo by Red KnightAdditional team mates will be added by the registration office after the events. Those who couldn’t attend will still get to play. If you are new to NoVAGO and would like to make some geocaching friendships, you should seriously consider participating in the NoVAGO-U series. Late registrations are accepted, so don’t feel bad asking to join after August 14th. Head to the event links [HERE] and message the hosts. Don’t worry. It’s all for fun.

At the event, a short briefing was given out to players about how the grading scale will work. Hint: you better not be a slacker or your team might just get an ‘F’ on their report card.

Download an informational flyer (.pdf) on the NoVAGO-U Series here: NoVAGO U HowItWorks

For more on this series go the parent page: https://www.novago.org/wp/novago-university-2022-series/

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