2015 Cache Award Winners

On May 7th at the NoVAGO Spring Event the winners of the 2015 NoVAGO Cache Awards were announced and the winners presented with a trackable 2015 Cache Award Winner Geocoin.

Winners of the 2015 NoVAGO Cache awards are as follows:

Best Theme/Series: Minecraft by Serrabou & Dukester1

Best Kids Cache: The Big Red Caboose by CwillyPnGn

Most Outstanding Location/Scenery: Semper Fidelis Memorial Trail by RobbitandPaul

Most Creative Cache: HtGSC: Twinkle, Twinkle by zgrav and 4EverYoungs

Most Physically Challenging to Find: LR911 Nature Excursion by LawnRescue911

Best Historical: All Aboard! Next Stop, Fairfax Station! by CwillyPnGn

Best Camouflage: Minecraft: Sugarcane by Serrabou & Dukester1

Award coin

Best Multi-Stage Cache: Minecraft: Redstone and Iron Ore by Serrabou & Dukester1

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache: HtGSC: Twinkle, Twinkle by zgrav and 4EverYoungs

Best Traditional: Book Nook by DPV1972

Best Other (Letterbox Hybrid, Earthcache, Whereigo, Event): Semper Fidelis Memorial Trail by RobbitandPaul

Best CITO (Cache In, Trash Out): Occoquan Elementary CITO by Awesnap

Best Log: ”The beast that stood tall now lies dead on the ground” by zgrav

Rookie of the Year: TheUnstealthy Monkey

Best Volunteer: DePhogration

Cache of Year: Minecraft: The Ender Dragon by Serrabou & Dukester1

Winners can use this image in their profiles and on their cache pages

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