Voting is Underway

It is that time aRufn jeepgain … time to voice your preferences for the best NoVAGO caches of the year.
After receiving and sorting through uncounted emails, we have accumulated a list of the top nominations.

I hold in my hand the envelopes. As a child of four can plainly see, these envelopes have been hermetically sealed. They’ve been kept in a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall’s porch since noon today. No one knows the contents of these envelopes.  It is now time to reveal the contents of the envelopes and begin the voting process.

The voting will be tabulated through surveymonkey.
The link to the ballot is:

PLEASE take the time to vote and let your voices be heard.

There were a lot of great caches placed last year and they all deserve recognition,
but only the few will be named best in category based on your votes.

Winners will be announced at the Spring Event on April 20th.

Good luck to all the nominees … and may the best caches win …


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