Local Geocachers Attend Class About Cachetur.no

March 10, 2018 – Over 24 geocachers descended upon the Thomas Jefferson Library to attend a class titled Let’s take a cachetur.  Cachetur.no is the hottest new geocaching application around that lets you plan private trips, group trips and public trips that are open for all.  Current NoVAGO President Platoaddict was the mastermind behind this class came prepared with slides and some cool cachetur.co swag for the attendees.  While developing this class the developers of cachetur.no reached out to NoVAGO and offered to help in anyway they could.  Attendees seemed very pleased with the information from the class.

Photo courtesy of Effstop

I’m sure I would not have tackled this resource without your instruction.” said LMNLanchot “Now it’s time to play around and see if I can work it alone.

Zgrav had this to say about the class “Thanks to the CO for a solid presentation with a lot of hands-on assistance and very useful answers to the many questions asked.

Great event and presentation.” said two000miler “Always good to have another tool in the tool chest for caching.

For those who couldn’t attend you can download the 650MB PowerPoint Cachetur.no presentation here.

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