OLYMPIAD2020 Closing Ceremonies


On Saturday, April 24, 2021, the Olympiad Games in Northern Virginia came to an end with a closing ceremony that ran for about two hours. Medalists from South Korea, Jamaica, and Greece met at a private ceremony held in Woodbridge, VA to receive their prizes.

NOC President Zippyfinn (lright) awards Nothereeither his medal.

The nature of the Olympics shifted significantly from the original plan, and the distribution of the 50 medals had to be changed.  While there are Olympians who went above and beyond in their quest for magnets, limits had to set for real medals to one per person for the general medal hunt.  Geocachers who won a photo category received a medal and a trackable for their winning photo.

DePhogration of the South Korean Team displays his Gold Medal and poses with the Olympiad2020 Torch.

The president of the NoVAGO Olympiad Committee (NOC), Zippyfinn, used her speech to praise the cacheletes from all three competing teams for their good sportsmanship, great logs, and zany cache photos. After the official medal distribution was complete, the NOC president declared the 2020 Olympiad Games closed.

Team Greece member CherokeeThree accepted these two medals on behalf of Cache Boss


NoVAGO Spring CITO – Neabsco Style was a Success!

Team_Palazzo (left) and JPWAVE (right) find a “mother load” of trash at NoVAGO Spring CITO – Neabsco Style.

On Saturday March 13 the Prince William Trails & Streams Coalition held a clean up at Neabsco Creek. NoVAGO partnered up and hosted our NoVAGO Spring CITO – Neabsco Style to help out. Geocachers joined a slew of volunteers helping to remove about 150 trash bags, 30 tires, buckets, furniture, three 55 gallon plastic barrels, and 2 children’s motorized vehicles.

Clock wise from top: DePhogration (left) picks up bottles that Hooclass2002 (right) tosses up out of the tangled root dam, Awesnap in a trash crater with his trusty CITO bucket, and Hnybee (left) and Holn1b4IDie (right) crossing a plank with their bags of trash.

NoVAGO’s 2020 Geocache Awards — Nominees

NoVAGO’s 2020 Geocache Awards

Listed below are the caches and cachers nominated by their peers for awards for 2019. Thanks very much to those of you who took the time to send in nominations!

Winners will be announced at our NoVAGO 2021 Spring Picnic and Awards Event on Saturday, May 8, 2021. Voting Ends on April 30, 2021. Here is the link to vote:


Without further ado, here are the nominees:

Best Theme/Series (three or more caches in a series or that share a common theme)
Love’m or Hate’m by ThompsonKickers’ (20 caches)
Pirate gadget caches by VAPirate (8 caches)
Animal Crossing by CWillyPngn (3 caches)
Kev’s Containers by Kev_Kev_ (23 caches)
Cryptocache Challenge by DCExpat (8 caches)

Best Kids Cache
OLYMPIAD2020: Biathlon by CWillyPngn
AGBH – Sounds Like by angryguy
Animal Crossing: Nook’s Valley by CWillyPngn
OLYMPIAD2020: Luge by The Unstealthy Monkey
Locked in the woods! by Jaxward
A Creekside Adventure by GriffinTamer88

Most Outstanding Location/Scenery
Animal Crossing: Nook’s Valley by CWillyPngn
The Heron’s Spittoon by Serrabou
Adventure Lab Bonus: The Swamp Boardwalk by Reedkickball
Love’m or Hate’m Series #12 (village lake) by ThompsonKickers’
Battles of Winchester – 1st Kernstown by TeAm G Winchester
Red Rock Overlook Adventure Lab Bonus by dminimax

Most Creative Cache
OLYMPIAD2020: Rhythmic Gymnastics (Adv. Lab Bonus) by Serrabou
OLYMPIAD2020: Biathlon by CWillyPngn
Pirate Eyes by VAPirate
Animal Crossing: Nook’s Valley by CWillyPngn
21 Bison Tube Pickup by wallmeister22601
OLYMPIAD2020: Basketball by rlobecker

Most Physically Challenging to Find
Stafford GeoHunt by Luv4VA
Woodland Park Neighborhood Cache by GriffinTamer88
Rocks, Locks, and a Box like Ft. Knox!  by T_N_C
Roo’s Rescue (Adventure Lab Bonus) by Serrabou
The Heron’s Spittoon by Serrabou
Counting on You: Field Trip by zgrav

Best Historical/Educational Cache
William Grayson, the second son of Prince William by freddiecrs
The Sydenstricker Schoolhouse by rlobecker
The Battles of Bull Run & Manassas Bonus Cache by Notthereeither
Historic Houses of Alexandria, VA Bonus Cache by TrexM8s
African Americans of Alexandria (Lab Bonus Cache) by Ezio10
Lorton Prison Complex Lab Bonus Cache by lawnrescue911

Best Camouflage
Is It Real ? by TMustang1
Mohs nr. 7 by TheWanderesss
Spy Cache… Civil War Cipher by Jaxward
Are you a Fun Guy? by SmellTheRoses1229
There’s a Twist! by Thesharkjonas
Pirate Rings by VAPirate

Best Multi-Stage Cache
OLYMPIAD2020: Biathlon by CWillyPngn
OLYMPIAD2020: Basketball by rlobecker
OLYMPIAD2020: Luge by The Unstealthy Monkey
Animal Crossing: Fossil Hunt by CWillyPngn
Multi-Caches Bug Me by hrothroc
OLYMPIAD2020: Archery by freddiecrs

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache
OLYMPIAD2020: Table Tennis by 4EverYoungs
OLYMPIAD2020: Rhythmic Gymnastics (Adv. Lab Bonus) by
Animal Crossing: Nook’s Valley by CWillyPngn
Roo’s Rescue (Adventure Lab Bonus) by Serrabou
OLYMPIAD2020: Curling by kiisikwa

Best Traditional
OLYMPIAD2020: Weightlifting by Nothereeither
Pirate Marbles by VAPirate
AGBH – Etch a Cache by angryguy
Pirate Plumber by VAPirate
MAGC-10 by pwesleynd93

Best Other (Wherigo, Letterbox, Event…)
OLYMPIAD2020: Bobsled by frumiousb
GeoQuarantine, the Heroes, and … by kiisikwa
The Reformatory by rlobecker
Animal Crossing: Hidden Pond Island by CWillyPngn
William Grayson, the second son of Prince William by freddiecrs

Best Earthcache
The Granite State Doubles Down in the Old Dominion by Awesnap
Calthemites at Accotink Creek Bridge by hzoi
Prince William County Liberty Memorial by Awesnap
Southwest 8 Boundary Stone by TheWanderesss
Virginia Diabase: Clarke’s Gap to Ground Zero by kiisikwa

Best CITO (Cache In, Trash Out)
Mayfield Fort CITO VII by Awesnap

Best Adventure Lab
Rhythmic Gymnastics by Serrabou
The Swamp Boardwalk by reedkickball
Apples of Winchester by Jaxward
African Americans of Alexandria by Ezio10
Roo’s Rescue by Serrabou

Best Log
“The container made me laugh out louse” by minnestrone
What a cool rhythmic guy” by Zippyfinn
“Ode to the Beer” by Nothereeither
“How Minnestrone Got His Groove Back” by minnestrone
“Trading, stamping on sweaty limbs, much rejoicing” by Serrabou

Best Photo

In disguise on by QUE3NBE3

Precision by minnestrone

If you had x-ray vision… by Nothereeither

James Branch by Serrabou

Old Rag Mountain – Mountain King

Lion’s Mane fungus by kiisikwa

Rookie of the Year

Best Volunteer
ZippyFinn & Serrabou

Cacher of the Year

Cache of the Year
OLYMPIAD2020: Biathlon by CWillyPngn
Roo’s Rescue (Adventure Lab Bonus) by Serrabou
Pirate Eyes by VAPirate
The Reformatory by rlobecker
OLYMPIAD2020: Luge by The Unstealthy Monkey
Animal Crossing: Nook’s Valley by CWillyPngn

Congratulations to all of the nominees! Cache owners of nominated caches, as well as nominated cachers and log-writers, can add this cool logo to their cache pages and/or profiles as they see fit:

<center><img src="https://img.geocaching.com/cache/large/11077432-3ab9-49d1-a5f0-1de1a5210d84.jpg?rnd=0.01026553" width="250" height="200" /></center>


All the events and activities you enjoy throughout the year are the result of a very dedicated team, also known as your board! If you want to help give back to make NoVAGO even better, now is your opportunity. NoVAGO’s Officer Elections are fast approaching. Nominations will be open for the month of November followed by voting in December!
NoVAGO’s Officer Corps consists of these five positions:
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You can find details about these positions in the NoVAGO By-laws. Nominations will close on December 5, 2020. Please ask the person you are nominating before you throw their name out!