Local Geocachers Attend Class About Cachetur.no

March 10, 2018 – Over 24 geocachers descended upon the Thomas Jefferson Library to attend a class titled Let’s take a cachetur.  Cachetur.no is the hottest new geocaching application around that lets you plan private trips, group trips and public trips that are open for all.  Current NoVAGO President Platoaddict was the mastermind behind this class came prepared with slides and some cool cachetur.co swag for the attendees.  While developing this class the developers of cachetur.no reached out to NoVAGO and offered to help in anyway they could.  Attendees seemed very pleased with the information from the class.

Photo courtesy of Effstop

I’m sure I would not have tackled this resource without your instruction.” said LMNLanchot “Now it’s time to play around and see if I can work it alone.

Zgrav had this to say about the class “Thanks to the CO for a solid presentation with a lot of hands-on assistance and very useful answers to the many questions asked.

Great event and presentation.” said two000miler “Always good to have another tool in the tool chest for caching.

For those who couldn’t attend you can download the 650MB PowerPoint Cachetur.no presentation here.

January 2018 Photo of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Nothereeiether for his winning photo titled “Finding more than caches!” of HooClass2002 and Cache Clown 76 finding a special made tree just for them while on The Beaver Trail.  We also offer a big thank you to everybody who participated in the January 2018 photo of the month contest.

Next month’s Contest is now open.  Please post your entries for the February 2018 Photo of the Month Contest forum.

Remember that at the end of the year all of the monthly winning photos will battle it out for the NoVAGO 2018 Photograph of the Year title.  That winning photographer will be awarded a NoVAGO Cache Awards Geocoin at our annual Spring Event & NoVAGO Cache Awards presentation.

NoVAGO’s Winter CITO is Upon Us

Join us February 25th, 2018 for NoVAGO’s Winter CITO as we help clean up the area around the Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center.   This City of Alexandria nature center is located on a 50-acre park nestled along the Holmes Run Stream.  This center provides year-round programs, interactive exhibits, as well as taking care of over 30 live animals.

This event is being organized in coordination with Nature Center staff, and is designed to assist them in keeping this area clean and beautiful.

NoVAGO Winter CITO at Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center

Sunday, February 25, 2018

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Jerome Ford Nature Center

5750 Sanger Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22311

First Class of 2018 Kicks Off NoVAGO’s New Direction of Hosting Educational Events

Awesnap at the head of the class. Photos by Effstop

On Saturday February 3, 2018 thirty geocachers piled into a classroom for Awesnap’s Planning a Geocaching Road Trip Class. Our new President, Plato Addict, want’s 2018 to be the year NoVAGO host’s more educational events.  On the horizon there are plans to host classes on a variety of subjects including GSAK, puzzle solving, cachetur.no, earthcaching 101, and a basic cache page creation class.

The Geocaching Road Trip class was held in Prince William County at the Chinn Library.  Awesnap’s presentation covered the basics of distance caching, selecting target geocaches, routing, project.gc, and a quick introduction to cachetur.no.

JPWAVE wrote in his log “I learned quite a bit more than I expected!! Yeah, I may do things in my own fashion but it’s really nice to see other options and new webtools which may be more efficient. EXCELLENT class!! Really looking forward to using these tips on our next road trip!”

Ezio10 wrote “Learned quite a bit from the presentation, particularly the features from Project GC and a site I never I heard of before, cachetur.

A few NoVAGO members who missed the class expressed interest in the seeing the power point so we have attached it here for you to download: Roadtrip Class Power Point

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