April 2008 Member Spotlight: Bubba Q. Jack

Just how did Bubba Q. Jack get his nickname, will he keep his cache-a-day streak alive, and more . . . Welcome to April’s Spotlight! Tell us about your caching name. There used to be a great Bar-B-Que place on the way to Shady Side Maryland called “Pig Outs” that had the best ribs. I would drive from Arlington, Virginia just for lunch or dinner but it went out of business. In a quest to replace such wonderful ribs I went from Maine to Florida stopping at as many places to sample the fare. I’ve located several restaurants (joints) that … Continue reading

March 2008 Member Spotlight: LionHeart

It is with great pleaure that I spotlight LionHeart this month – the man behind some of the most amazing puzzles! Tell us about your caching name. My caching name came from an old Scottish saying, “A man is a lion in his own cause”. So I have the heart of a lion when it comes to my own cause. My cause is that I have a chronic liver disease called Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). It is a characterized by inflammation, destruction and fibrosis of the intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts that leads to cirrhosis of the liver. PSC is … Continue reading

February 2008 Member Spotlight: Zgrav

This month’s Member Spotlight is Zgrav and yelraM! Tell us about your caching names. My caching name is Zgrav. It is a one syllable variation on “zero gravity”, which pulls together a way to use my middle initial “Z” with some kind of science-fiction context. yelraM’s caching name is just a reverse of her real name ( Marley) . Tell us how you were introduced to Geocaching. I bought a GPS on sale because I could use it hiking outdoors. I have been a caver since I was a kid, and grew up plotting latitude and longitude on paper topo … Continue reading

January 2008 Member Spotlight: rufnredy

Thanks to NoVAGO’s trusty and loyal leader to help out a fellow cacher in a bind! I am happy to Spotlight him this month and thanks to the others who have volunteered to be in the spotlight in the coming months! **************************************** Introducing rufnredy Tell us about your caching name. Well, not to date myself or make myself seem older than I really am, but my caching name is based on a cartoon show I watched as a growing boy called Ruff and Reddy. In 1957, it became (one of) the first syndicated cartoon shows on TV and was Hanna-Barbera’s … Continue reading

November 2007 Member Spotlight: Banshee Reeks

Tell us about your caching name. I took my caching name from a beautiful wildlife preserve in Loudoun County that I have visited as a birder for years and where I volunteer from time to time. Here is a description of the names Origin: In the early part of the 19th Century, the owner of the farm now called Banshee Reeks was said to be of Irish/Scottish descent. In the Gaelic language, banshee is a female spirit and reeks refers to hills and dales. The story goes that one night the farmer went into the town of Leesburg to attend … Continue reading

October 2008 Member Spotlight: Zygote2k

Tell us about your caching name. First- “Zygote2k”. Around 1999 when everyone was freaking out about the millennium, I heard a Chinese fable about when the 1000 year egg hatches; the world will undergo great changes. At that time my life was undergoing a great deal of changes so I adopted it for my email and caching name. Tell us how you started caching/how were you introduced to caching. In 2003, my new girlfriend- Hayseed 40 was interested in mapping and GIS so I bought her a Garmin etrex Venture for Christmas. During my search for information on GPS, I … Continue reading

September 2007 Member Spotlight: Rinauldi

Tell us about your caching name. Rinauldi is a nickname that I was given in Jr. High School. There isn’t much of a story behind it, but here it is anyway. One of my closest friends had parents who did a lot of international travel. His mom was from France and his father from Rio and they had family spread everywhere. Of course, has was often brought along. For some reason I reminded him of someone he knew from his travels named Renalto, but he thought Rinauldi sounded cooler and started calling me that. I couldn’t walk down the hall … Continue reading