Where can I, how can I, is there???

Who the heck are CVGA and MGS?  What’s the most popular GPS receiver?  Where can a “newbie” ask questions?  What’s CAM?  How do I project a Waypoint?  Who’s in the Cacher Spotlight?  What does YAPIDKA mean?  When is Team Obbie1 getting married?  Can I write a review on a favorite cache?  Who owns a Delorme PN-40?  How can I find someone to cache with?  How do I volunteer to help NoVAGO grow?  Where can I get some technical advice?  How many NoVAGO members are there?  What’s the Maryland Municipal League (MML) Series?  Who’s in charge(sic), and why?  Are there any geocaching games/competitions?  Can I get help placing my first cache?  What’s GeoWoodstock, and when/where is it?  How can I find out about upcoming NoVAGO events?  What’s the NoVAGO Cache Rescue Mission all about?  How old is NoVAGO? — ok, you get the idea.

When it comes to NoVAGO and geocaching, do you know all the answers?  I know I certaily don’t, but there’s a readily available resource than can sure shed light on an awful lot of geocaching subjects, it contains a wealth of valuable information, and I’m bettting you’ll find lots of answers there.  I’m talking about the NoVAGO Forums (see “Discussion Forums” on the blue bar above).  By golly, if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for…why, you get to ask a question!!  Whatever your past experience with on-line forums, Bulletin Boards, or Newsgroups has been…I think you’ll find the NoVAGO Forums to be refreshing.  There’s no “nit picking”, no arguing, no fussing…just a great exchange of information over a wide range of topics.  The sad thing is…I get the feeling that less than 10 to 15 percent of our membership ever get past this Home Page to read those forums.  Go ahead, check them out…I think you’ll be surprised, and you don’t have to participate…you can “lurk” – at least you’ll be a better informed lurker.

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