We’ve Been Featured!

We’ve been featured! As seen on the official Geocaching.com blog

Right before Christmas last year, I logged into my Facebook account and noticed a message.

J: Hi Heather. Geocaching HQ wants to make contact with some local, and very active caching groups. I think they may be doing some spotlights.

I was introduced to YetAnotherReviewer at a NoVAGO event and afterwards connected on social media. I didn’t think it was weird getting a message from Jon this way. But, the request excited me.

J: They asked for organizations to spotlight and both GeoawareUSA9 (our awesome earthcache reviewer) and I mentioned NoVAGO. Christian said that of all the places that he’s lived, NoVAGO is the most organized and active.

H: That’s a compliment. But, I feel I’m just carrying the torch forward from the early days of the club. Please send them our officers e-mail.

Our other Virginia reviewer, CardinalReviewer, attended the 4th Annual DNF Forgiveness Event in Leesburg on December 31st. She was visiting Northern Virginia for the weekend, so it was a rare treat to talk with her. We got chatting about the article. Sure enough, a lackey at HQ had sent out a request for leads, and NoVAGO was at the top of all the local reviewers’ lists. It was double confirmed, that we may or may not be contacted.

I advised the board at the next meeting and we agreed to work on the interview questions as a team. In February, the questions came. After several rounds of input, corrections, and revisions, we had our answers and sent them back. Ladies and gentleman, your board members are very proud of this organization. It actually took quite a bit of restraint to not just go on and on about how awesome our members are.

What do you feel makes your group special?

The geocaching community is so welcoming anywhere you go. What makes our NoVAGO community so special is that we create opportunities to meet our fellow cachers, get to know them a little better, and create some real friendships. Although we officially only host a few events each year, the local calendar is always full. Our members host multiple events each week. These get-togethers are a great place to gain knowledge and advice, make plans for group caching, or receive a nudge on a challenging puzzle. Come to a few of our events and you’ll have your phone-a-friend call list, ready for your next geocaching adventure, no matter what help you might need.

It is really a special honor to be recognized by HQ and featured in their official blog. To read the article CLICK HERE.


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  1. It was a no-brainer to make this recommendation when Groundspeak asked the reviewer community for input. NoVAGO is head and shoulders above any local org I’ve been a part of since we started caching in 2007.

    But it’s still really cool that, of all the other groups out there, we were the first ones!! Thanks to all our officers past and present, and to all the members who do so much, for making this such a wonderful group.

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