Spotlight Cache: Turning Point Suffragist Memorial

Spotlight Cache: Turning Point Suffragist Memorial

#ElectionDay (November 8, 2022) #spotlightcache

Today’s Spotlight Cache is Turning Point Suffragist Memorial (GC9CBRG)

Women were not included in the U.S. Constitution until the 19th Amendment. Did you know that it took 72 years to pass and ratify the 19th Amendment to the Constitution? The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial is the first national memorial for the women who fought to win the right to vote. The memorial tell the stories and experiences of generations of these women so that future generations can better understand their sacrifices. It was because of their courage and determination that we had the one-day, largest expansion in voting rights in our country.

The memorial is located on part of the historic prison grounds where the infamous Occoquan Workhouse was located. The memorial includes several bronze, life-size statues of suffrage leaders, replica White House fence and gates, 19 informational stations, and a section of the actual White House fence in which picketers protested in front of. The Turning Point Plaza also contains a bridge to support community engagement, with events such as certain Girls Scouts’ ceremonies.

Hidden very discreetly and carefully in the memorial is the winner of 2021 NoVAGO Cache Awards for Best Camouflage. The aptly named Turning Point Suffragist Memorial (GC9CBRG) by supertodd88 requires geocachers to explore the memorial a little bit, read a few informational signs, study the statues and gates, and to do a little math before they can discover the coordinates. But, knowing where to look is only half of it, the cache itself is so well made to blend in with its surroundings, that you will be surprised when you actually find it. 

Winner of 2021 NoVAGO Best Camouflage. Congratulations.

You can find out more about the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial on their website.

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