Spotlight Cache: Jeopardy! Series

#NationalTriviaDay (January 4)

Spotlight Cache Series: Jeopardy!

Today we are celebrating National Trivia Day with a series of caches placed in honor of the late Alex Trebek, host of the long-running TV game show, Jeopardy.

This Jeopardy! Cache Series by TheColdedge and his TrustyNavigator will reward your knowledge and sometimes out-of-the-box thinking with coordinates for twenty-one mystery type geocaches. Winter is a great time to solve these at home and wait for a fair weather day to head out to the Winchester, Virginia area (and slightly beyond) to make the finds.

I asked TheColdege a little about what went into creating this series.

Q: What inspired you to chose Jeopardy as a theme? A: Alex Trebeck had recently died and I enjoyed the show as a kid. I also wanted to fit some strange trivia categories into a mystery cache.

Q: How did you come up with the questions/answers? A: There was a lot of testing with my friends. Usually I started with a category and then decided what fit where after.

Q: Besides the theme, is there anything that the caches in this series have in common? A: This series was a test for my 3D printed containers. I wanted a pretty muggle-proof cache series that would spend a lot of time in the field. Mystery caches are real good about not getting muggled, so this worked. Another thing about the caches in this series is that almost all of them have clues hidden in the cache page.

Be sure to start with the tutorial cache, so you can reduce some frustration. You’re likely to have enough challenge with some of the questions, so don’t make it harder for yourself than it needs to be by getting your Certitude grammar wrong.

All the caches in the series are micros and most are a terrain 1.5.

Jeopardy! Caching Series was nominated for Best Series in the 2021 NoVAGO Cache Awards. Congratulation!

2021 NOVAGO Award Nominee Badge

The Adventure Lab is lots of fun to play through. There is a hike to the cache, but not too far. You can bring the kids and dog. The cache is a size large. What’s not to love?

Cache Page SWAG for NOVAGO 2020 Award Winners

OLYMPIAD2020: Rhythmic Gymnastics (Adv. Lab Bonus) – cache award winner, Most Creative and Best Adventure Lab


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  1. Outstanding series and each really tests your knowledge (and web-searching skills!).
    Having solved and found all 21, I’m craving more – hopefully in 2024?
    Also, the containers are excellent!

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