Photos of the Year (2022)

Here are the photos which won the nomination and were placed on the ballot for Photo of the Year. All photos were taken by NoVAGO members in 2022.

But first…

Winner of Best Photo in a Log for 2022 is


Serrabou for “Clifftop view” at Chimney Top Cache (GCVTH7), August 12, 2022.

The runners up are:


jasonasemt for “Peacock” at Bonus Cache for W. LoCo Civil Rights History Lab (GC9JZ0N), November 5, 2022.


TeamXMan for “HONEY!?!?! A little help here please” at NoVAGO U: Photoshopping (GC9YBZ2), November 26, 2022.


TheUnstealthy Monkey for “Ack!” at Thirteen Lives (GC9YEJ5), September 2, 2022.


SP4FUN for “Sunlight Through the Tree!” at NoVAGO U: Geology 101 (GC9XX2D), September 23, 2022.

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