The NoVAGO officers are a group of volunteers that are elected by the membership. They are ordinary geocachers who want to give a voice for the the wider geocaching community while supporting efforts in their own Northern Virginia area.

Meet the 2023 Officers

I began caching in January of 2016.  With approximately 3500 finds and 63 hides including some events, I love caching here in NoVA and wherever my family is willing to go.  I have participated in the NoVAGO annual series.  Placing caches for the events and also joining a team each event that followed. I have volunteered with NoVAGO as Director and VP in 2021 & 2022 respectfully and look forward to an exciting year as President in 2023.

Personally I have an amazing geohubby, 4 children and 2 grandkids who sometimes cache with me.  I enjoy creating friendships with other cachers and love caching in groups but also enjoy the solitude of a quiet path in the woods to a far away cache.  Anyone that knows me also knows I love the thrill of a FTF and will sneak out of my house in the darkness to grab one.

I am very excited about becoming even more involved in 2023 and look forward to helping others enjoy the game. I hope to see you all at events and on the trail!

NoVAGO member since 2020.

I started geocaching in 2014, when I lived in the Netherlands, but only have become much more serious about the game when I moved to the US, the pandemic hit and I had nothing to do. I haven’t hosted any events (yet), did go to several Megas and try to be at local events as much as my work schedule allows. My favourite are Traditionals and Earth caches, as I have close to zero analytical skills, so most puzzles leave me puzzled. I like to cache solo or in a group, I love joining fanatic people who are passionate about outdoors doing crazy things!

I always looks for ways to improve things, so I want to serve as an officer to help promote the game and explore new options, so that the hobby I love would be even more helpful to others.

I started caching in 2006 but didn’t break 100 annual finds until 2011. My first event was a DePhogration Woodbridge Meet and Greet in October, 2013. Since then, I have attended 233 events, including 2 Mega and 1 Giga. My hide stats have 5 events, 15 caches and 3 Adventure Labs but am closing in on 6000 finds. Given, that my hide counts are low relative to my finds, I want to give back to this community. I have many fond memories of my cache adventures, solo and in a group. I also enjoy sharing stories, hints and ideas for new adventures at events. I have been a NoVAGO member since 2019. My first volunteer position was to serve as a director on the NoVAGo board in 2022. In this role, I assisted with the Spring and Fall events. I am looking forward to continuing to help with the activities and by serving as Secretary.

Member of NoVAGO since 2015.

I have hidden over 30 caches and hosted a few events, although I have lent my home out to several other geocaching events.

I have been the club treasurer since 2019. Before that I was a director for a year in 2018. I want to serve because I love geocaching, I love volunteering, and I love math (works for a treasurer).

I attended my first event in northern Virginia in 2017 and met some geocachers that I am still friends with today. According to my official statistics, I have attended over 110 events now. My favorite type of cache is a traditional. I personally own about 35 caches, although a few of them were adopted from previous cache owner.

2022 was my first year serving on the NoVAGO board as the Public Relations Officer. This position is a lot of work, but I’ve gotten into a bit of a routine now and am ready to roll out some new ideas that I’ve been thinking about. 

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