NOVAGO’s 2023 Geocache Award Winners

Winners of NOVAGO’s 2023 Geocache Awards

Thanks to all those who took the time to send in nominations and also to those who voted. MrPsyduck and Schwandt graciously formed an awards committee and together did the bulk of the work to get the nominations narrowed down and run a ballot. Thank you fellas! One of our talented members, HyperactiveGirl, whipped up some extra gifts for our winner to go along with the traditional trackable tags. We gathered in Chet Hobert Park in Berryville on May 19th, 2024 to find out who would bring home the prizes as well as get to display the special winner’s SWAG on their cache pages.

Drum roll, please . . . .

And the winners are

Best Traditional Cache

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache

Best Multi-Cache

NoVAGO Moviepalooza: Godzilla (1954) (GCAEKH8) by CWillyPngn

Best Letterbox

Letterbox – NoVAGO Moviepalooza: Forrest Gump (GCACVD5) by GoshdarnGeniuses

Best Other (Earthcache, Wherigo, or Virtual)

Earthcache – Welcome to THE GAP  (GCA3ZB9) by Awesnap

wherigo icon

Wherigo – Sleepy Hollow (GCADXX9) by CWillyPngn

Best Adventure Lab Series

Best Theme/Series

Rebus Puzzle (#1 – #25) by mcgmarauders

Best Container

NoVAGO Moviepalooza: Godzilla (1954) (GCAEKH8) by CWillyPngn

Most Creative Cache Page

geoCAPTCHA (GCAFC0F) by rlobecker

Most Outstanding Location/Scenery

NoVAGO Moviepalooza: Caddyshack (GCAE69K) by supertodd88

Best Historical/Educational Cache

The Fake Boundary Stone (GCA9KZ6) by sedor18

Most Physically Challenging to Find

Gym Class “Rope” Climb (GCAECZ9) by supertodd88

Best Kids Cache

NoVAGO Moviepalooza: Toy Story (GCAF3E0) by CherokeeThree

Cache of the Year

Best Event Host (for an Event or CITO)

Rookie/Newcomer of the Year

Youth Rookie/Newcomer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

2023 Special Volunteer Recognition

In appreciation of leading out 2023 cache series: NoVAGO Moviepalooza.

Cacher of the Year

Youth Cacher of the Year

sedor18 (Little Sedor)

Hider of the Year

Winners of the NoVAGO annual cache awards final voting ballot may add this special SWAG to their cache page and to their profile as desired:

<center><img src="" width="300" height="200" /></center>

Do you qualify for the NoVAGO’s Best of 2023 Challenge Cache? This year we are celebrating all great caches published in 2023. Find 25 or more within the NoVAGO territories which have 5+ favorite points to qualify. Thank you vpdj for placing and maintaining this cache. (GCAMB00)

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