NoVAGO Fall Auction

Our annual auction is our main source of revenue to support our two picnics held in the spring and fall. We pay for rental of the pavilions we use as well as the food and extras that make the picnic fun. Income from our auction also pays for our organization’s website as well as educational support materials which we use for community outreach.

We rely on our members to donate the items which end up on the auction tables. Please look around for a gently used items that you believe will interest another geocacher and consider donating. Some items donated in the past are: collections of pathtags/geocoins, walking sticks, premium membership, headlamps, books, hand-held GPS units, geocaching starter kit, unactivated travel bugs/car decal, and lots of geocaching containers.

Sometimes our members donated non-tangibles, too. Gifts of time are welcome, too. How about auctioning yourself as a caching buddy for the day? What a great way to make a new friend. Or maybe you own a really hard puzzle cache and you are willing to give away the solution to the highest bidder. If you are artistically gifted, you might offer your services to help someone design their their own custom pathtag. Maybe you know how to create a wherigo and can offer that service. Have a kayak you might lend out? There are so many possibilities for auction services. Be creative!


Our silent auction will be held during our fall picnic, October 22, 2023. Items will be displayed and bidding will take place 12:00pm-1:30pm. At 1:30 the highest bidders are expected to pay for their items and take them.

Donating items or services to be included in the auction:

We are looking for items that other geocachers would like. Cache containers,

Dropping off items for auction the day of the event:

Members can drop off items to be auctioned 11:00am-12:00pm. Late items WILL be accepted but please try to get your items to organizers on time to maximize their bidding potential.

Making other arrangements to donate items:

Members who will not be able to get their items to the event during the drop off time in-person, may make other arrangements. You need not be present to make your donation count. A friend might bring it for you, or if you prefer, you can reach out to and one of our officers or directors will coordinate with you.


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