NoVAGO 2007 Cache Awards

From now and until the 25th of February we will be taking the nominations for the categories below. The list of nominated caches and cachers will be posted for everyone to check out, and then vote on, starting on or before March 1st and will continue until 31st of March when voting will be locked.

The winners will be announced at the meeting in April, in Loudoun County

Please email your suggestions to the following email address:

Cache Eligibility:

1. Cache must have been placed between 1, January 2007 to 31 December 2007
2. Only 2 nominations per category
3. We will be submitting the top 3-5 nominees in each category for your votes. So the more nominations we get, the easier it will be to discern the best of the best.

The Categories:

Best Theme/Series
Best Kids Cache
Best Location
Best Hike
Best History Related Cache
Best Multi-Stage
Best Mystery/Puzzle
Best Letterbox
Best EarthCache
Cache of Year
Rookie of the Year
Cacher of the Year

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