NoVAGO Cache Awards 2007 Voting

2007 Geocache Award Voting

Below are the caches and cachers up for awards. You have until the end of March to vote. If you have time, visit the caches below, and then vote by picking one cache from each category, and email your vote to:

There will be extra incentive to visit these caches, in the form of another cache GC1BQ3 that you can log after you visit 50% of the caches and/or series nominees.

A bookmark list has been created by mgsgagag with all the nominated caches.

Here are the nominees listed from oldest to newest in each category:

Best Theme/Series

The Big Dog Series by _BBQ_
The Four Seasons by kylvag
Be the Genealogist by reedkickball
Micro Men by zgrav

Best Kids Cache

Farm, Field, and Forest by The VanDucks (GC10BXJ)
You”re Gonna Laugh by coresrlooking (GC13MFJ)
CJG – Another Kids Cache by Coach Jacks Gang (GC14XZB)
Fairfax Family Cache by cmsb705 (GC16PXR)

Best Location Cache

koz”s kwite-the-view kache by koz (GC10AHZ)
Infarmary by Ka-Ching! (GC11J8X)
Cacheback Bonus Mileage Reward by Ka-Ching! (GC11K8Y)
End of Liver (Liver Fiesta #12) by Team KKW (GC142XA)

Best Hike

Cacheback Bonus Mileage Reward by Ka-Ching! (GC11K8Y)
If You Want To Run With The Big Dogs…Greyhound by _BBQ_ (GC123T7)

Best History Related Cache

From the Halls of Montezuma by Blakeley Pirates (GC10A6N)
Brentsville Courthouse by Fragmeat (GC10742)
Strange seeing that there… by Nondescript(GC10KEZ)
June Carter Cache by Wearthefugowee(GC13AFN)
Turley Hall by cphug184 (GC15YJ5)

Best Multi-Stage Cache

Fox Hunt by zygote2k (GC11027)
If You Want to Run With the Big Dogs…Greyhound by _BBQ_ (GC123T7)
Farm, Field, and Forest by The VanDucks (GC10BXJ)
A Walk in the Woods by 2Wheel”in (GC13ZDZ)
With a Little Help From a Friend, Virginia and California by MountainLovers (GC17TXP)

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache

Landmarks by kylvag (GC13YD6)
Be the Genealogist-Final by reedkickball (GC14X8B)
The Many Faces of NoVAGO by kelly@9 (GC14E5R)
Landmarks II by kylvag (GC14NKX)

Best Letterbox Hybrid

Long Black Veil by flyingmoose (GCZZ9M)
W&OD Smith”s Switch TravelBug Train Station by TeamObbie1 (GC16Q4Z)
Affliction by flyingmoose (GCZZ99)

Best Earthcache

Tour de Geology by 2Wheel”in (GC10N4P)
Alum Spring Rocks! By laadeebug (GC11PJD)
Old Rag Mountain by bevnbill79 (GC16H3P)

Cache of the Year

Monty Python”s Holy Grail by Psyop (GCTN6K)
Be the Genealogist-Final by reedkickball (GC14X8B)

Rookie of the Year

Megawheaties (aka jeffnerner)
Bubba Q. Jack

Cacher of the Year


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