Help With Mystery Caches

Sunday, January 29th is #NationalPuzzleDay

Help With Mystery Caches

Do you typically avoid those blue circles with question marks on the map? You may be missing a lot of fun solving the puzzles so here are a few tips that may assist you.

If you can identify the type of puzzle, then “ All geocaching tools a geocacher needs in one box.” can be a big help. For example, “what3words” is common in mysteries. This tool enables users to enter the 3 words that define the co-ordinates – and it even shows the location on a map. GC8MVT7 uses this technique, but can you find the 3 words?

The Toolbox can also be used if you are asked to project a waypoint given the distance and angle (but be careful to use the correct units of measure!).

It’s always a good idea when looking at a Mystery page to check for white font (which isn’t visible on the computer screen). Either highlight the entire page or hit Ctrl+A if using Windows to reveal the hidden info. Now go back to GC8MVT7 and use this tip to find the 3 words!

Some devious cache owners hide information in the source code. To find this in Windows right click when the mouse is over the description. Scroll down the menu that appears and click on “View page source”. On the page that pops up, scroll down to around line 530 (this will vary, depending on the content), and look for anything in green font which are CO additions that will hopefully help. You should also check for hyperlinks which you may have overlooked on the description page. 

So the next time that it’s too cold or too wet to go caching, sit comfortably in your armchair and solve puzzles. Then, when the weather improves, you can go find the caches!

When you get stuck (and you will!) go to a NoVAGO event and meet cachers who will undoubtably be happy to give you a nudge or two. 

Good luck!


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  1. I found the clues on line 622 of source code using Safari.

    I have used but found the one on to be much easier to use for this purpose.

    What a great tutorial, mcgmarauders. Thank you!

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