2023 NoVAGO Fall Picnic

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, NoVAGO held its annual Fall Picnic. The event was held in Lorton on the new Laurel Hill Central Green. Prior to the event there was a CITO event, also on the Central Green. During the event, several geocaches published around the park. There was also a silent auction which took place during the event. This year’s NoVAGO board is a high functioning team and while all the members contributed advice the following were there in person to make the 2023 NoVAGO Fall event as success! TrexM8s compared locations and found one big enough for our group. … Continue reading

NoVAGO Celebrates Fall with some CITOs!!

CITO stands for Cache In Trash Out. It’s the geocacher’s approach to keeping our game board (i.e. the entire planet) in great shape. Geocachers gather together to pick up trash, remove invasive species, repair trails and more! Each CITO we attend is a testament to care: care for others, our communities, and our planet. Also all geocachers who participate in a CITO between September 1st to November 30th will earn a pretty sweet new souvenir! September 4, 2023 – Picky’s Second Smashy CITO: Labor Day Decimation Herndon Picky’s Second Smashy CITO: Labor Day Decimation will be held in the area … Continue reading

Join us for our NoVAGO Spring CITO on March 5

NoVAGO is again proud to partner with Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District in our ongoing partnership to keep VA parks clean. Join us March 5, 2022 for our Winter CITO and help us clean up the Neabsco Creek area near Eagles Park. Cleanup Supplies will be provided. Dress well for the weather and put on boots. For you Souvenir hounds out there this fits right in for you to earn your CITO Season 1 souvenir. CITO Season one starts Monday, March 1 and goes through Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Prince William County parks has come to value NoVAGO … Continue reading

NoVAGO Spring CITO – Neabsco Style was a Success!

On Saturday March 13 the Prince William Trails & Streams Coalition held a clean up at Neabsco Creek. NoVAGO partnered up and hosted our NoVAGO Spring CITO – Neabsco Style to help out. Geocachers joined a slew of volunteers helping to remove about 150 trash bags, 30 tires, buckets, furniture, three 55 gallon plastic barrels, and 2 children’s motorized vehicles. … Continue reading

And the 2018 Cache Awards Winners are…

  Despite the rain many NoVAGO members flocked to Sundays Yo Momma Says Clean Up Moore CITO at Claude Moore Park and NoVAGO 2019 Evento de Primavera del Cinco de Mayo Spring event and 2018 Awards Ceremony. Many thanks to the dedicated geocachers who showed up in rain gear to slosh around the park cleaning and to everyone who participated in our annual picnic festivities.  We had 50 names signed on today’s picnic log, but I guarantee there was more than that number of folks crowded under that little pavilion.  Also a special shout out to grill master DePhogration who … Continue reading

Let’s All Go to the NoVAGO Winter CITO! (The cold never bothered us anyway!)

  NEW LOCATION! Join us on February 23 as we host a CITO in Locust Shade Park. NoVAGO continues to grow our relationship with Prince William Parks and the Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District to make our parks cleaner and community better.  We will meet in the parking lot where bags and supplies will be handed out. NoVAGO Winter CITO: Locust Shade Park Saturday, February 23, 2019 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Locust Shade Park 701 Locust Shade Drive Triangle, VA 22172 … Continue reading

The Summer CITO is Coming!

Join us July 7, 2018 for NoVAGO’s Winter CITO as we help clean up the Neabsco Creek area at Cloverdale Park. Park Ranger Eric Wysocki hand picked this CITO location for us to clean up, as the Prince William Park Authority continues to be a great partner with NoVAGO. NoVAGO 2018 Summer CITO Saturday, July 7, 2018 9:00 a.m. Cloverdale Park 15150 Cloverdale Rd Dale City, VA 22193 … Continue reading

Join Us at Our NoVAGO Annual Spring Picnic and 2017 NoVAGO Geocache Awards Event

On May 6, 2018 NoVAGO invites to you lend a hand, picnic with friends, and celebrate the 2017 NoVAGO Cache Awards in Arlington! At 9 a.m. we will kick off the day with a CITO at Glencarlyn Park where we will be cleaning up portion of trails along Four Mile Run in Arlington.  Located just over a mile from our picnic shelter this CITO is a nice walk or a quick bike ride up a paved path from our picnic location. Trash bags will be provided at the clean up.  To log your “will Attend” or to find out more … Continue reading

NoVAGO Area Events for Spring CITO Season

Once again Earth Day is almost upon us and one of the great ways geocachers can give back to the community is by hosting CITO events.  Groundspeak has announced April 21-29, 2018 as the dates to earn a virtual souvenir on your profile pages if you host or attend CITO an event during this time. Here is the list so far of Souvenir CITOs in the NoVA area: (See cache pages for more details!) Saturday, April 21st 3rd Annual Occoquan River Cleanup – Paddle CITO! Brentsville, VA Hosted by:  Hooclass2002 Starts at 9am Sunday, April 22nd NoVAGO Veteran’s Park CITO Woodbridge, VA Hosted … Continue reading

NoVAGO’s Winter CITO is Upon Us

Join us February 25th, 2018 for NoVAGO’s Winter CITO as we help clean up the area around the Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center.   This City of Alexandria nature center is located on a 50-acre park nestled along the Holmes Run Stream.  This center provides year-round programs, interactive exhibits, as well as taking care of over 30 live animals. This event is being organized in coordination with Nature Center staff, and is designed to assist them in keeping this area clean and beautiful. NoVAGO Winter CITO at Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center Sunday, February 25, 2018 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. … Continue reading