Spotlight Cache: “Name That Tune” Series

#WorldRadioDay (February 13) Spotlight Cache: “Name That Tune” Series I’d sit alone and watch your lightMy only friend through teenage nightsAnd everything I had to knowI heard it on my radio Radio Ga Ga by Queen, 1984 Nothing brings back the nostalgia of singing along with the radio than a musical quiz of some great pop hits. Today is World Radio Day and we are spotlighting the Wherigo geocache series, “Name That Tune” by MJBinski. This fun series of ten caches was the winner of 2021 Cache Awards for Best Series. The caches themselves are mostly easy finds, but in … Continue reading

GeoWoodstock XIX – 2023 (GC89GMX)

GeoWoodstock XIX – 2023 (GC89GMX) is scheduled for May 27th 2023 (Memorial Day weekend) in Owensboro, Kentucky. That’s between Louisville and Evansville on the Ohio River and is 700+ miles driving from our area.  The Event posting says: “GeoWoodstock has been the paramount Mega Event of the year in North America. Come and celebrate as we build a new chapter with rich history in the land of Bar-B-Que, Bourbon, and Bluegrass Music in Owensboro, Kentucky, just 1 hour from where it all began in 2003.” More information is available on GeoWoodstock XIX 2023 – Geocaching Owensboro Kentucky although the registration isn’t open … Continue reading

Spotlight Cache: Wetlands, A National Treasure

#WorldWetlandsDay (February 2, 2023) Huntly Meadows Park Today, we’re celebrating #WorldWetlandsDay by spotlighting one of Northern Virginia’s favorite wetlands, Huntley Meadows, in Alexandria. This is the largest park operated by Fairfax County, encompassing 1,452 acres of land. The land has a pretty interesting history. In colonial times, it was owned by George Mason. His descendants continued ownership of the land into the 1900s. An entrepreneur purchased it with the intentions of building the world’s largest airport. That didn’t take off (pun intended,) and the federal government snatched up the land for all kinds of testing and experimenting. The Bureau of Public … Continue reading


Help With Mystery Caches

Sunday, January 29th is #NationalPuzzleDay Help With Mystery Caches Do you typically avoid those blue circles with question marks on the map? You may be missing a lot of fun solving the puzzles so here are a few tips that may assist you. If you can identify the type of puzzle, then “ All geocaching tools a geocacher needs in one box.” can be a big help. For example, “what3words” is common in mysteries. This tool enables users to enter the 3 words that define the co-ordinates – and it even shows the location on a map. GC8MVT7 uses this … Continue reading

Spotlight Cache: Burke Lake Park

#PretendToBeATimeTravelerDay (December 8) Today we’re going back in time to find the oldest cache in Virginia. Welcome to Burke Lake Park (GC175) — did you see how short that GC code is? This cache has been around since December 17th, 2000 – which makes it a favorite visit for those trying to fill in their Jasmer Challenge grid. There’s lots to love about this cache. It is a big ‘ol container. That makes it easier to find for beginners and means it has lots of room for SWAG items inside. It also isn’t too far from the parking and the … Continue reading



Thanksgiving Guest Author: Effstop (thanks for sharing some thoughts with us) We’ve reached the month of November and usually at this time of year I start to think about the things I’m grateful for.   For starters, my family, friends, health, having a job, a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes to wear are some of the things I’m grateful for.  The opportunities I’ve had this year is another thing I’m grateful for.  The trips I’ve taken, getting to see family member and seeing some of my high school classmates are just some of the opportunities … Continue reading

Spotlight Cache: Kindness Rocks!

#WorldKindnessDay (November 13) Today we’re celebrating #WorldKindness Day by spotlighting the most colorful cache location in Leesburg. Kindness Rocks! (GC9RXFB) by HyperactiveGirl, is not your typical location. In a quiet neighborhood near the Potomac River is a home decorated year-round with a message – you matter. The Kindness Rocks Project is a national grassroots movement to spread kindness to strangers, one painted rock at a time. Messages written on colorful rocks are meant to offer encouragement, inspiration, comfort and more to unsuspecting strangers who find them. One of the leaders of the Leesburg group, Margie Hunter, has taken a leap … Continue reading

Spotlight Cache: Turning Point Suffragist Memorial

Spotlight Cache: Turning Point Suffragist Memorial #ElectionDay (November 8, 2022) #spotlightcache Today’s Spotlight Cache is Turning Point Suffragist Memorial (GC9CBRG) Women were not included in the U.S. Constitution until the 19th Amendment. Did you know that it took 72 years to pass and ratify the 19th Amendment to the Constitution? The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial is the first national memorial for the women who fought to win the right to vote. The memorial tell the stories and experiences of generations of these women so that future generations can better understand their sacrifices. It was because of their courage and determination that we … Continue reading Drops Benchmarking Drops Benchmarking Geocaching HQ made an announcement on October 17, 2022 that they will be dropping Benchmarking from the website. As part of their page updates, all logs will be removed. Owners who wish to save this information should do so as soon as possible. In addition, all challenge caches that require benchmark finds will be archived. Benchmark finds will stay in user statistics, so that others can know that you logged some before they were gone. The official announcement was hidden in the release notes within the forums. You can read it it here. Geocaching HQ is recommending … Continue reading


Getting Permissions to Place Caches: Be a Good Neighbor

Getting Permissions to Place Caches Be a Good Neighbor #NationalGoodNeighborDay (September 28) Did you know that one of the missions of the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization is to promote local land use policies when placing their geocaches? Our local reviewers, YetAnotherReviewer and CardinalReviewer, help maintain a geocaching wiki page where you can find many of Virginia’s localities and their policies. Remember to always seek out permission when placing your caches. You can find that link here: