Some Random Thoughts …

Spring is here … weather is warming up and the various critters that have been sleeping are now stirring and becoming more active .. Was on the Eastern Shore this weekend and moved a rock to find a little snake … BE CAREFUL … we have had a couple of poisonous snake bites in the last couple years and surely do not need any more … Along those lines, the poison ivy is starting up its activity … if you don’t know what it looks like google it and read up … Spring is a time when tender leaves and … Continue reading

Voting is Underway

It is that time again … time to voice your preferences for the best NoVAGO caches of the year. After receiving and sorting through uncounted emails, we have accumulated a list of the top nominations. I hold in my hand the envelopes. As a child of four can plainly see, these envelopes have been hermetically sealed. They’ve been kept in a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall’s porch since noon today. No one knows the contents of these envelopes.  It is now time to reveal the contents of the envelopes and begin the voting process. The voting will be … Continue reading

Spring has Sprung

And that means loads of events and chances to get out and meet and socialize with other cachers. There are so many things are happening in the next few weeks … We have another CITO event scheduled this month in Sugarland Run. CITO’s are a great opportunity to show our appreciation for the parks and those who allow us to place caches in them. Please come out and lend a hand, it is really is a good time and a lot of fun wandering the woods with a bunch of other cachers.  Ask those who volunteered their time at Beaverdam … Continue reading

Happy February ;)

Well, January has come and gone and we welcomed in February with an awesome event. Lots of folks braved the cold and attended NoVAGO’s Winter Event Groundhog Day at Glen Carlyn. Big Thanks to Nemo Consequentia and In2Mud for placing caches and to Schwandt and DerekTiffany for bringing in the donuts and drinks. The new caches include a must do multi Nemo created in under a week. Loved the hike, stages, and little twists and turns along the way. It has been NoVAGO member recommended and is on the bookmark list already .. VOLUNTEERS All, we need help .. We … Continue reading

Winter Event Updates – Please Read

Good Morning Everyone … Hope you are all enjoying the snow … brings back memories of last week in Northern Norway building a radome in between snow falls 😉 After some discussion, and considering we only have 9 will attends so far, we have changed the event to follow in the tradition of the winter events of the last couple years and made it doughnuts and hot drinks. NoVAGO will supply coffee, tea, hot chocolate and doughnuts. If there is something special you would like to add to the list, you are more than welcome, but nothing is required … … Continue reading

Volunteers Needed

It is that time of year again. Various groups throughout the area are planning their summer schedules and we have received several requests for geocaching classes. We are looking for volunteers to help out. Generally speaking the classes will consist of a short presentation on geocaching and, for most, a short trip into the local wilds looking for caches. NoVAGO has several presentations in hand from previous classes and we are looking to update them before all the classes start, so there is very little prep work to be done. A typical class lasts around 2 hours anad could be … Continue reading

Looking Ahead …

Well, hope everyone is over the holidays and back into the swing of things. Lots happening in NoVAGO. Trying to set up the winter event, looking into a couple requests for assistance in Geocaching Classes, and generally trying to stir the pot. Winter event – I have been looking for an inside venue and have not had much luck. I did get a suggestion that maybe one of the communities has a community center we could use for a nominal fee of course … Just don’t know which one ..That is where YOU come in … If you have a … Continue reading

Happy New Year …

Just wanted to say a few words to kick things off.   This will probably be the only time you will get a “few” words out of me 😉 First, I would like to thank the outgoing Officers and Directors for all their work in the past year.  We have come a long way this year with many new members and milestones galore.   I would ask everyone to welcome in the new Officers for 2013: President                   rufnredy Vice President        Schwandt Secretary                 WVKiwi Treasurer                 KanukGirl Public Relations    Nicole … Continue reading

NoVAGO’s 2011 Geocache Awards

Voting for the 2011 Cache Awards has begun and you can go HERE to see what caches or cachers to vote for. Once you have decided VOTE HERE Winners will be announced at Down by the River “NoVAGO’s Spring Event” There will be extra incentive to visit these caches, in the form of another cache (in the works!) that will require you to find a certain number of the nominated caches. The idea is that you can go visit as many of the nominated caches as possible before you vote. So go get ’em! Here is a bookmark list of … Continue reading

NoVAGO’s 2011 Cache Award Nominations

Each year we hold voting to highlight some of the best caches that were placed in the NoVAGO area. This is a chance for you to recognize the efforts of your fellow NoVAGO cachers who have placed hides that you have enjoyed (or hope to enjoy one day!) From now and until the 18th of March, we will be taking nominations for the categories below. The list of nominated caches and cachers will be posted for everyone to check out and then vote on, starting on or about March 21st, and will continue for a month when voting will be … Continue reading