Don’t be afraid to reach out to a cache owner.

When and how to reach out to a CO and how it benefits the greater geocaching community.  Many years ago when I was training as an engineer, it was commonplace to see technical drawings stamped ‘If In Doubt Ask!‘. Most seasoned cachers believe in this adage and will message Cache Owners (CO’s) for advice and guidance when stuck on a puzzle or at a particularly evil cache hide. CO’s are usually very willing to provide a “nudge” and it isn’t uncommon for them to be so eager to help that they will jump in their car and race out to … Continue reading

Geocaching ABCs – A Guide for Beginners

A – Attributes – know what to expect before you look for a cache. Full list of attributes on B – Bison Tube – the ubiquitous little pill holder used in many micro hides. The log should be rolled up and placed in the cap, not in the bottom. C – Cache-in-Trash-Out (CITO) – this follows the geocacher’s creed of leaving a place cleaner than when you found it. Join an official CITO event for group clean ups. You can find this special kind of event on your geocaching map or by checking out the local listings on … Continue reading

GeoWoodstock XIX – 2023 (GC89GMX)

GeoWoodstock XIX – 2023 (GC89GMX) is scheduled for May 27th 2023 (Memorial Day weekend) in Owensboro, Kentucky. That’s between Louisville and Evansville on the Ohio River and is 700+ miles driving from our area.  The Event posting says: “GeoWoodstock has been the paramount Mega Event of the year in North America. Come and celebrate as we build a new chapter with rich history in the land of Bar-B-Que, Bourbon, and Bluegrass Music in Owensboro, Kentucky, just 1 hour from where it all began in 2003.” More information is available on GeoWoodstock XIX 2023 – Geocaching Owensboro Kentucky although the registration isn’t open … Continue reading


Help With Mystery Caches

Sunday, January 29th is #NationalPuzzleDay Help With Mystery Caches Do you typically avoid those blue circles with question marks on the map? You may be missing a lot of fun solving the puzzles so here are a few tips that may assist you. If you can identify the type of puzzle, then “ All geocaching tools a geocacher needs in one box.” can be a big help. For example, “what3words” is common in mysteries. This tool enables users to enter the 3 words that define the co-ordinates – and it even shows the location on a map. GC8MVT7 uses this … Continue reading



Thanksgiving Guest Author: Effstop (thanks for sharing some thoughts with us) We’ve reached the month of November and usually at this time of year I start to think about the things I’m grateful for.   For starters, my family, friends, health, having a job, a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes to wear are some of the things I’m grateful for.  The opportunities I’ve had this year is another thing I’m grateful for.  The trips I’ve taken, getting to see family member and seeing some of my high school classmates are just some of the opportunities … Continue reading