SURVIVOR18 Update: All Merged Up

First 5 geocachers from Mattaponi and Patowomeck tribes have found all SURVIVOR18 caches and merged into the 12 member Chicahominy. The Patowomeck tribe were the first as first to fill up with the red buffs.  Cache Clown 76, Pfenix, Nothereeither, Tmustang1, and Topazfae all completing the Merge Challenge in under two days.  The Mattaponi’s had a slower start before all 5 of there buffs where collected.  Que3nbe3, The Unstealthy Monkey, Awesnap, Blurryfac3, and Minnestrone all completed the challenge in under 4 days.  These ten join the eating challenge winner Serrabou and the Immunity Idol holder SP4FUN to form the twelve … Continue reading

NoVAGO SURVIVOR18 Approaching the MERGE!

The Rooster is ready to play. He left the Mattaponi & Patawomeck tribes this message: The Merge is upon us, Survivors. You have 11 days to get your affairs in order before its release. If you wish to play for the position of sole survivor, please declare your tribe by November 29th. The first five members of each tribe (Mattaponi & Patawomeck) that log the merge cache and have found all other SURVIVOR18 caches will become formal members of the merge tribe. SP4FUN is a member by virtue of the Immunity Necklace Serrabou is a member by winning the Eating … Continue reading

SURVIVOR18 Eating Challenge Recap!

As witnessed by Nothereeither: For those of you who had more important things to do today, here’s recap of the “SURVIVOR18: Eating Challenge.” It was loosely officiated by ZippyFin and pfenix. The challenge started out with QUE3NBE3, SP4FUN, TheUnstealthy Monkey, freddiecrs, Nothereeither (actually my proxy did it for me in exchange for screen time), Serrabou, Cache Clown 76, and Awesnap participating. The menu included: First course: Molded Jell-O Spaghettios with wasabi peas Second course: Mexican pickled sausage Third course: Fermented bean curd (also known as fermented tofu) Fourth course: 皮蛋 (Century egg) Fifth course: Korean Silkworm Pupa Sixth course: Garden … Continue reading

Introducing NoVAGO’s Annual Series: TRIBUTES17

Yesterday seventeen TRIBUTES17 geocaches swarmed out launching another year with a NoVAGO Annual Series. In celebration of NoVAGO’s 10 year anniversary the goal of this year’s series is to pay tribute to some of NoVAGO’s best caches. Each cache hiders is honoring the experience of the original caches, but adding their own spin to the hides. This years series will be more challenging than previous years, but hopefully that will be part of the fun.  Safe travels and good luck! TRIBUTES17 : End Of The Orange Line TRIBUTE17: Mastermind  TRIBUTES17 – A Little (Difficult) Neabsco TRIBUTES17 – ALLH – Broyhill … Continue reading