2024 Spring Picnic Recap

NoVAGO Celebrates ‘Best of 2023’ with Spring Picnic

NoVAGO announced winners of 2023 geocaching awards in Berryville, May 19, 2024

Members of the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization gathered on Sunday, May 19th, 2024 at Chet Hobert Park in Berryville. As is our tradition, we announced winners of our geocaching awards, handed out some prizes, enjoyed a pot luck meal, did a little geocaching, and enjoyed the geocaching community we share. NoVAGO 2024 Spring Picnic and Awards Event.

Any apprehensions that the late season date would lead to uncomfortable heat, were completely unfounded. In fact, the early reports of rain gave way to a warning of morning sprinkles that never materialized. Pop-up tents had been brought along for good measure, but remained untouched in our cars. The day started cloudy and mild, but warmed up with the sun just in time for some geocaching.

Chet Hobert Park was a perfect host. The officers were visited twice by two young men who introduced themselves as our event assistants. They came around as we were just setting up and once more during clean up. Several members were overheard complimenting the choice of location. Appreciation goes out to TeAm G Winchester, one of NoVAGO’s directors, for doing the footwork for this one making the reservation.

Pot luck included the usuals of burgers and hot dogs furnished by the board. Among some of the items brought were broccoli salad, homemade guacamole, and a pot of spaghetti so fresh it was made right at the picnic. Don’t forget the donuts for the early birds, lunch desserts and drinks!

We ate, people chatted, worked on their icebreaker worksheets, and indulged VP rufnredy by buying some tickets for the 50/50 raffle. At some point our two unabashed awards committee members snuck off to change into their geocaching formal attire. Wearing tuxedo shirts, all eyes were on them. Like an evening at the oscars, each category was announced along with the nominees. There were envelopes opened…. “and the winner is…” to much applause from those in attendance. Those present to receive their awards came up for a photo. The highlight was the final presentation for “Geocacher of the Year,” which is the person most celebrated by their peers for being a great finder, hider, event host, log writer, and friend. The winner this year was mcgmauraders who said a few lovely, heartfelt words for his fellow geocachers and humbly accepted his award.

To find a list of all the winners of the 2023 cache awards, CLICK HERE.

Serrabou arrived to the picnic in his souvenir kilt, hand crafted by his good friend Zippy Finn. The dynamic duo used the the picnic as an opportunity to kick off the 2024 annual series, NoVACon, with scratch-off trading cards. They got some of the younger members of the group very excited to play.

A photo album from the event has been uploaded in the members forum > Events section

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