2022 Special Volunteer Recognition 

Each spring, NoVAGO recognizes outstanding caches and cachers for their contributions to our game during the previous year. Included in those honors is recognition of the Volunteer of the Year. This year, the Officers and Board of Directors have voted to add a Special Volunteer Recognition. The organization will select a separate Volunteer of the Year from the finalists nominated by the membership.

NoVAGO is pleased to announce the 2022 Special Volunteer Recognition for Serrabou and Zippy Finn. These two special members volunteered their time and talents for the 2022 NoVAGO-sponsored NoVAGO U. cache series. They went above and beyond the caching to deliver entertaining games, puzzles, events, and experiences for the participants – and the on-looking caching community. 2022 is not the first year they have wowed northern Virginia – and we hope it will not be the last.

When the awards ballot is released in April, the voting for the Volunteer of the Year will allow our members to recognize an additional NoVAGO caching volunteer for their 2022 contributions.  That person will join Serrabou and Zippy Finn in being recognized at the NoVAGO Annual Picnic on May 6.

For all finalists in the 2022 Cache Awards and a link to the voting form, CLICK HERE.

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