2013 Summer Soiree is almost here

DSC03321Less than three weeks to the summer event. Looking forward to caches in the park, visiting with old friends and making new ones. Lots of stories to tell, awesome caches to add to the to do lists and maybe even some puzzle solutions along the way.

Plans are in the works for 8-10 new caches and maybe a puzzle or two … not to mention some of those Munzee things for those who partake 😉

We have a large pavilion reserved and sounds like some tasty ribs in adGrillingdition to the burgers and dogs. Always good eats with the pot luck specialties.

Make sure your calendar is marked, bring your caching shoes and appetite … look forward to a great summer day in the park. And of course there are loads of other caches in the local vicinity just waiting to be found.

See you there …

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