2013 NoVAGO Cache Awards: Nominations


What were your favorite caches of 2013?   Which ones brought you to awesome spots?  Which dazzled you with their creativity?  Which ones made you want to pull your hair out in frustration perhaps from a tricky puzzle or devious hide?  Maybe it was a cache that allowed you to learn something new?  Or maybe one that tested your physical limits?  Was it a traditional?  A well-thought out multi?  An amazing puzzle?  Gather all those memorable caches together and nominate them for the 2013 NoVAGO Cache Awards!

Every year, the NoVAGO community nominates and selects the best caches hidden the year before.  It provides an opportunity for area cachers to help recognize those that make caching in Northern Virginia a great experience and also provides a terrific way to highlight caches worth making a detour for.  

You can find information on the award categories & eligible caches on this forum thread:  NoVAGO’s 2013 Geocache Awards.

Nominations are currently open and all are encouraged to send in their lists of memorable caches!   Once nominations close on March 15, we’ll pull together the ballot, voting will open, and then winners will be announced at NoVAGO’s Spring Event in late April.  There is no limit to the number of caches you can nominate for each category and either via email or this form, nominations are easy to submit.

Don’t let your most memorable caches get overlooked:  send in your nominations today!  🙂



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  1. So we just started gceiachong, thank you Damon for bringing it up, and we love it. My husband has gotten totally addicted and it has become what we do when ever we have some spare time!! Our kids have had a blast roaming around new places, and finding undiscovered treasure. To them we are the only ones who have found it, and it was just magically placed there for us! So thanks again Damon for bringing it up we would have missed out on a lot of family fun!

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