Welcoming in the New Year

As we usher in 2017 I wanted to take the opportunity to express some quick thoughts as the new NoVAGO President.  At the end of 2013 I was approached by then NoVAGO President rufnredy about running for an officer position in NoVAGO.  Although I did not feel up to the challenge, I did agree to become a Director to assist NoVAGO as needed.  I did not realize then the ripple effects that decision would have.

For the next three years I would serve as a NoVAGO Director, its PR Officer and finally the Secretary.  Last year I agreed to run for President.  Battling fierce opposition, I prevailed as the victor.  During my time in NoVAGO I have been fortunate to work with a varied and talented group of officers.  I see no change in that aspect of the job this year.

defMy view of the job of NoVAGO President has been informed by watching those I worked with, starting with rufnredy who talked me into volunteering in the first place.  As a founding member of NoVAGO, he has always provided perspective won from years of experience.  I will continue to rely on his advice.  Working with WVKiwi for her two years as president I noted her passion and dedication to growing NoVAGO.  Not only did she push NoVAGO forward, but simultaneously was a driving force behind the Geowoodstock XIII held in MD in 2015.  Finally, last year I worked with K8Ydd as our leader.  Even with her unexpected departure she was able to put together organized agendas and drive our group forward.  I am thankful to all these past leaders and hope to continue their good works.

In the coming months I intend to share with the NoVAGO members my vision of where the organization will be going in 2017.   I have two simple underlying beliefs that I would like to share right away.

First Geocaching is a game.  We all participate in this game for recreation, relaxation and to bring some joy into our lives.  NoVAGO is designed to further that experience and bring people together who share the same passion for the game.  The foundational strength of NoVAGO is its members.  It is all of you who make us a strong collective.  Through the year NoVAGO will be reaching out to members to solicit involvement and hopefully gain interest in the next generation of officers waiting in the wings.

Second, communication is critical in all endeavors.  I will attempt to foster lines of communication between myself and the NoVAGO membership.  To grow requires change, and we hope to grow NoVAGO over the course of the next year.  Your input will be solicited in to any changes proposed.

As a short note becomes a rambling missive, enough has been said for now.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable start to the New Year, and I look forward to serving as your President.


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I am Marylander who moved to NoVA back in 2006. I found one geocache in 2010, but it wasn't until 2012 that I really became a geocacher. I served as a director for NoVAGO in 2014, and have been the Public Affairs Officer since 2016.

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