Website Redesign

I think most everything is done with the new website, as far as the layout, though a few tweaks might need to be added here and there. You’ll notice the front page redesign as well, including recent forum topics, links to geocaching related sites, and upcoming events. Across the top is a menu to take you to the forums, contact us info, and the NoVAGO shop. In blue you’ll see links to popular posts on the front page news area.  When you’re in the forums, the logo at the top takes you back to the main page of the site.

In the forums, because I’ve made various tweaks here and there, if you log in and it automatically logs you out, clear your browser cookies for “” Old cookies may keep you from staying logged in but since most of the settings are already done, this shouldn’t be a problem any longer (I had the same issue with the MGS site when it was converted)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at robert at novago dot org. Oh, and a Twitter account was setup for NoVAGO if you use Twitter. It will automatically update when front page posts are added, so feel free to follow.



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