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QUE3NBE3 is the Sole Survivor

After finding stunning caches stashed around NOVA, chomping through the funky feast, and competing with surprising cacher upstarts, it came down to the final three— SP4Fun, QUE3NBE3, and Minnestrone. At the January 19 voting...


SURVIVOR18 Update: All Merged Up

First 5 geocachers from Mattaponi and Patowomeck tribes have found all SURVIVOR18 caches and merged into the 12 member Chicahominy. The Patowomeck tribe were the first as first to fill up with the red...


SURVIVOR18 Eating Challenge Recap!

As witnessed by Nothereeither: For those of you who had more important things to do today, here’s recap of the “SURVIVOR18: Eating Challenge.” It was loosely officiated by ZippyFin and pfenix. The challenge started...