Scotts Run CITO a Success!

Scotts Run East Lot. Photo Courtesy of Awesnap

NoVAGO would like to thank both it’s members and the MGS for making the clean up at Scott’s Run a huge Success.  Over 23 geocachers and family woke up early Saturday and volunteered to pick up trash.  Many of the usual litter suspects where there for the pickings like beer bottles, bagged dog poo, cigarettes, a shoe, and a I saw one tire made it in the pile.

Main CITO group at the West Lot. Photo courtesy of SP4FUN


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I am Marylander who moved to NoVA back in 2006. I found one geocache in 2010, but it wasn't until 2012 that I really became a geocacher. I served as a director for NoVAGO in 2014, and have been the Public Affairs Officer since 2016.

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