Please Vote for NoVAGO Officers

The proposed by-laws state “Election to a position will be by simple majority of those voting. If the first ballot fails to produce a majority for one candidate, a runoff of the two with the most votes will be conducted. If a candidate is unopposed for an office they will be placed into office by default.”

Even though we have an “unopposed slate”, since the NoVAGO members have not formally accepted the ByLaws, we will still hold the elections for officers and have opened up the voting process.

This does several things, the NoVAGO membership formally accepts the nominees, it exercises the voting process, and provides a first step in defining our identity as an organized group.

All registered members of the NoVAGO site are eligible to vote in this election. I hope that we will receive vote from each and every one of you.

In order to vote for our new NoVAGO Officers, please
send an email to us with “NoVAGO vote” in the subject line.

Your email will be delivered to our volunteer vote takers (who are not nominees). Polls close December 31st.

In summary, the nominees are:


Vice President



Public Relations
Network Cacher

Thanks again for voting and helping to kick off NoVAGO as an active voice for Northern Virginia Cachers. We have a lot on our agenda including formally organizing, discussions with the local parks representatives, classes for the general public, and much much more and we look forward to working with everyone to help make caching in NoVAGO fun for everyone involved!



Garmin updates 60 & 76 Cx/CSx

Garmin just released a software chipset update (Ver 2.90) for the GPSr units listed in the title. The new software improves ephermis collection, and improves SiRF chipset performance. You can run your web updater or goto Garmin.Com to download. You can also read about the update on the Groundspeak Forum here.

NoVAGO Board Elections

Please take a moment to read about the upcoming elections to fill the positions on the NoVAGO Board. Nominations are being accepted for the positions of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations.

Guidelines for nomination and the voting process can be found on the Forums – goto NoVAGO News and Announcements, then select NoVAGO Elections.

While you are there, please take some time to review, and comment regarding the proposed NoVAGO Bylaws. The Bylaws and Election do not mean that NoVAGO is going to become a rigid, formal organization…it only means that some outstanding individuals are stepping up to the plate to help steer the organization as we evolve and grow.