Groundspeak publicizes NoVAGO

The next time you sign on to just take a look at the lower right hand corner of the Home Page, under the “In the News” section. Our High Tech Hide & Seek article is featured as one of the current news articles. The article should run for a week or two. What great publicity!

NoVAGO By Laws

During the KickOff meeting January 14th, the ByLaws were accepted by the elected officers. A motion was made to present them to the membership for comment and ratification by the members at large.

For the next 30 days, ending February 15th, 2007, comments will be accepted for review by the Board and an updated version will be placed before the membership for general ratification.

Please review the ByLaws and provide any comments you may have to the following address:

bylaws (at) (remove spaces and (at)=@)

February 16th-28th ratification voting will be conducted by email to the same address. A reminder will be posted on Feb 16th.

Also, please feel free to email me with any questions or clarifications you may have in the meantime.


2007 Officers

Well, it”s official! Offer your congrats to the following NoVAGO members who will help get the club even higher off the ground in 2007:

President – Rufnredy

Vice President – LionHeart

Secretary – Team RJJO

Treasurer – BAJA Clan

PR – Network Cacher

Thanks to all who voted!


7 Letter GC Codes

Looks like, sometime during the past few days, GC ID Codes went from 6 letters/numbers to 7 letters/numbers. I tried to search for GCZZZZ, but it hasn”t been published yet. Why is this news? Because many older GPS receivers, and lots of GPS software will not recognize 7 letter codes as waypoints. I posted a new topic for this here…hoping that the GSAK, CacheMate, Spinner, Plucker, etc., experts will have some “work-around” ideas. Geocaching is growing my leaps and bounds and this was inevitable.