NoVAGO assistance at USGS Open House

Those members who would like to enjoy part or all of a rewarding Saturday (Nov 3rd, 07) might wish to review the Event Forum and read the post on “NoVAGO Support for USGS Open House”.

The spirit of cooperation between NoVAGO and the numerous government and civil entities we’ve supported (and continue to support) goes a long, long way to publicize NoVAGO and geocaching in a positive manner.

Please consider volunteering some time to the USGS “Treasure Hunting with a GPS” Open House demonstration….the forum post contains complete information…and this is the perfect opportunity for the general membership to step up, have some fun, and promote NoVAGO. Believe me, you are all eminently qualified to assist.

NoVAGO Shop Price Increase

If you’re thinking of purchasing any of the NoVAGO gear, particularly the t-shirts, I’d suggest you do so soon (and take advantage of the coupons).

T-shirts with printing on 2 sides will increase (by CafePress, not by us) by $3 before the end of August. Dark colored shirts don’t have any printing on back so their price will not change, but all the others will go up $3. The alternative is to remove the back printing to keep the price down by $3 but I think having the “” on the back looks nice. We’ll see how it goes before making any changes.