NoVAGO Cache Awards Voting!

The nominees are listed and ready to be voted on! Follow this this to the list and feel free to post any questions or comments in regards to the nominees. we even encourage posting positive comments about any paticular nominee that you liked!

Small list or rules:
1. you can only vote for 1 per category

By Law Ratification Vote

During the KickOff meeting January 14th, the ByLaws were accepted by the elected officers. A motion was made to present them to the membership for comment and ratification by the members at large.

For the past 30 days, comments were accepted for review by the Board. In fact, no comments were received. Therefore the posted version of the By Laws is now up for ratification by the NoVAGO membership.

Please send an email supporting or rejecting the posted version of the bylaws to the following address:

bylaws (at) (remove spaces and (at)=@)

Voting will be open, at the email address above, from February 16th-28th.

The results will be posted on March 1st.

Annual NoVAGO Geocache Awards

Hey, hey it’s that time again…NoVAGO would like to recognize the outstanding caches and cachers for the 2006 calendar year. Please review the nomination guidelines and submit your selections by February 28th…here is a forum link to the discussion.

Actual voting will take place during the month of March.

Here are the Categories:
Best Kids Cache
Best Location
Best Hike
Best Theme
Best Name
Best History Related Cache
Best Micro
Best Multi-Stage
Best Mystery/Puzzle
Best Traditional (non-micro)
Best Letterbox
Best EarthCache
Most Creative Cache
Cache of Year
Rookie of the Year
Cacher of the Year

Send your votes to: cacheawards(at)

Feedback for NoVAGO based on Loudon Connection Article

Got this feedback a bit ago through the site, thought you all might find it interesting!

Message: I read the article in the Loudoun “Connection” which prompted me to take a look at your website. Very nice. I read with interest that Mr. Rountree lives in Ashburn. You might be interested
to know that our family, which includes Jeremy Irish, the founder and CEO of Groundspeak, Inc. in Seattle, lived on Wayside Circle for 7 years from 1991 to 1998. Jeremy left Virginia in 1998 to work in
Seattle for an IT firm, then created the website that led to this popular sport. We are his parents, now living in Colorado, and watch with amazement as the sport continues to grow. Best of luck to NoVAGo!

Thanks for writing, Mr. Irish! And thanks for allowing me to share your note.