2010 NoVAGO Officer Nominations

November is drawing to a close, and so is your opportunity to run for, or nominate a NoVAGO member to serve as one of the NoVAGO Officers for 2010.  Nominations end on November 30th, and voting will begin on 1 December.

The current nominees for the officers positions are:

President : cphug184, flyingmoose

Vice-President: Cache_Mates

Public Relations: reedkickball

Treasurer: Nemo Consequentia, Karo92, KanukGirl

Secretary: TeamObbie1


NoVAGO’s You Autumn Come Cachin’ Fall Event GC1ZKFC

Gazing  into the future, I see a warm glow over the horizon…just a little NW of Manassas.  Why it’s the warmth put off by a gathering of friendly, happy geocachers…getting together at James Long Regional Park on 1 November 2009 — to enjoy NoVAGO’s You Autumn Come Cachin’ Fall Event.  Everyone is welcome, from the first time cacher to the hard core local and everyone in between, visiting cachers, and the just plain curious.  Come have some fun, frolic in the fall weather, and enjoy some great food, tall tales, wonderful people, and excellent local area caching.  Click the blue title bar above to go right to the cache page.  See you there!!

NoVAGO Geocoin – “To be, or not to be”?? That’s the question……..

………….and you can follow the thought processes and/or progress as NoVAGO members decide the answer to that question – just click on the blue title bar above to be directed to that very topic in the General Forum.  There’s been discussion about whether or not to have our own NoVAGO Geocoin ever since NoVAGO formed three years ago – and the topic has come up again.  Please take the time to consider it, and if you have ideas for what you’d like to see…go to the forum topic and speak up…any and all suggestions are important, and are welcome: shape?, logo?; GC.Com trackable?; reed edge?; smooth edge?; color?; hard enamel?; soft enamel?, 3D?; a hole to attache a GeoBuddy?; and anything else you can think of that you’d like to see incorporated, or not incorporated.

“Number nine…number nine…number nine…” GCZ54W

A nifty “numerical” event hosted by flyingmoose.  The numbers are significant because the event takes place on 9 September 2009 (9/9/9)…get it?  To add to your mathematical confusion….one must be in attendance at 9pm to sign the log.  Moose chose a great venue for the event, the food there is fantastic…and I know the geocacher company will be as well.  Mark your calendar…you’ll have a great time.  Clicking the post title above will take you right to the cache page.

NoVAGO’s “Summertime and the Livin’s Easy” Event GC1WB4R

It’s official, it’s been published, and this is the one you’ve been waiting for!  The NoVAGO “Summertime and the Livin’s Easy” Summer Event will take place on 23 August 2009, at Vint Hill Farms Station.  Everyone is invited to attend this great social experience…members, non-members, visitors, and the curious.  There will be an “Ice Breaker” so you get to meet those you don’t already know – put a face to those names you see in the logs.  A game or two, a Silent Auction, maybe even a raffle….and yes — food, some of the best food you ever stuck a fork into!  Check out the NoVAGO Event Forum for topics on the Event, and Silent Auction.  Clicking the blue title bar above will take you directly to the event page…and while I’m thinking about it…talk the event up – it’s outside the normal “new cache notification zone” so some may miss that it has been published.  Tell every cacher you know about it…nobody should miss this one.  See you there!!

NoVAGO Puzzle Class Event (GC1V7V2)

A class to share puzzle solving tips and ideas. Time is 6:30- 8:00 on July 29th. Location is the Chantilly branch of the Fairfax County Public Library located at Stringfellow Road and Rt. 50.

Some people seek out puzzles and some avoid them like the plague. I think the latter group (I think know cphug184 is talking about me there) misses out on two things: some fantastic caches and the double victory of the solve and the find.  I marvel at some of the creativity of fellow cachers out there and they add value to my caching experience.

I hope to give you some tools to enjoy similar experiences.  This evening, we will discuss some generic types of puzzles using some local puzzles and some not so local.  We will talk about how to figure out what possible paths to take to solve puzzles and we will share some internet tools that make things a little easier for you.

You can find all the particulars on the cache page, click the blue Post Title to be redirected.