October 2017 Photo of the Month Winner(s)


Congrats to both hrothroc and DePhogration for their winning photos.

DePhogration wins for his photo titled “Fire & Water” and hrothroc’s win was for her photo of LPCBoy scaling the rock wall at Roo’s Runaway. We also offer a big thank you to everybody who participated in the October 2017 photo of the month contest.

Next months Contest is now open.  Please post your entries for the November 2017 Photo of the Month Contest forum.

Remember that at the end of the year all of the monthly winning photos will battle it out for the NoVAGO 2017 Photograph of the Year title.  That winning photographer will be awarded a NoVAGO Cache Awards Geocoin at our annual Spring Event & NoVAGO Cache Awards presentation.

2018 NoVAGO Officer Nominations OPEN NOW!

All the events and activities you enjoy throughout the year are the result of a very dedicated team, also known as your board! If you want to help give back to make NoVAGO even better, now is your opportunity. NoVAGO’s Officer Elections are fast approaching. Nominations will be open for the month of November followed by voting in December!

NoVAGO’s Officer Corps consists of these five positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations

You can find the details about these positions in the NoVAGO By-laws. Nominations will close on November 30, 2017, at which point any necessary ballots will be assembled and posted.

Head on over to the forums to make your voice heard!

Introducing NoVAGO’s Annual Series: TRIBUTES17

Yesterday seventeen TRIBUTES17 geocaches swarmed out launching another year with a NoVAGO Annual Series.

In celebration of NoVAGO’s 10 year anniversary the goal of this year’s series is to pay tribute to some of NoVAGO’s best caches. Each cache hiders is honoring the experience of the original caches, but adding their own spin to the hides.

This years series will be more challenging than previous years, but hopefully that will be part of the fun.  Safe travels and good luck!

TRIBUTES17 : End Of The Orange Line

TRIBUTE17: Mastermind

 TRIBUTES17 – A Little (Difficult) Neabsco

TRIBUTES17 – ALLH – Broyhill Park

TRIBUTES17 — Another Film Can???

TRIBUTES17 – Be the Reediologist

TRIBUTES17 – Skeletor Drama at Grayskull

 TRIBUTES17 : Dork-O-Naut 1 : Rooster (of Doom)

TRIBUTES17 : Dork-O-Naut 2 : Legend

TRIBUTES17: D3 : Supreme Dork of All Time & Space

TRIBUTES17: Mad Tree Hanger COUNTS on Winning

 TRIBUTES17: Route 7 & Idlywood Rd

 TRIBUTES17: The Royal Order of the Holy Wherigos

 TRIBUTES17—Roo’s Runaway

 TRIBUTES17—Sofa King Possible

 TRIBUTES17—The Beavers Binary BrainBuster

TRIBUTES17: The Bonus Finale



Hauntingly Familiar Fall Event Was a Spooktacular Success

Photo Courtesy of Effstop


The last big event of 2017 is over.  The weather was a perfect 70 degrees, the food was plentiful, and plenty of smiles filled the pavilion. Other than the swarm of uninvited yellow jackets everything else was about perfect.

The NoVAGO Lab Cache experience was a huge hit with the attendees, as well was the long awaited return of the event Icebreaker.

Until now, I hadn’t really cared for the Lab Caches but I think NoVAGO did them right!” wrote JPWAVE “Nice job!! Really enjoyed the “NoVAGO Graveyard: Tombstones” Lab Cache!!

Loved all the lab caches but the cool thing I loved most was the ice breaker game turned into coordinated for it’s own cache! Nothing in the world better than that!” wrote Sassyinmyheart “AND it gets you to meet all the new faces and see some accomplishments that old faces have conquered!

The pavilion emptied out for geocaching mid event but the crowds returned in time for the Auction, 50/50, and Pick a Prize drawings.  By the end of the event the logbook had over 50 geo-names scribed or stamped on it.

This was one of the biggest fundraisers we have ever had.  The NoVAGO officers want to express their tremendous gratitude for NoVAGO members and friends for their contributions to make all of these NoVAGO events possible.

Also the officers and directors want to thank all for attending and making this event a huge success.  We also would like to thank Plato Addict, Zippy Finn, Schwandt, and Serrabou for the awesome Lab Cache experience.  We also want to thank Cwillypngn for continuing to build good will with the park and for placing the Icebreaker.

NoVAGO’s 3rd Annual Hauntingly Familiar Fall Event

Summer has passed and fall is on the way. Come and help us celebrate the turning of the seasons by attending NoVAGO’s last major event of 2017. This year’s event will again be held with a Halloween theme.  Attendees are encouraged to come in costume to celebrate the season.

Be sure to log your “will-attend” as early as possible to ensure that we have enough food for the masses.  Attendees are encouraged to bring your favorite pot luck dish, all we ask is that you list what you are bringing in your “will attend” log so that others won’t bring in a similar dish.  As with all of our picnics NoVAGO will be supplying the charcoal, hamburgers, hot dogs, plates, and condiments.

Sunday, October 28, 2017 (11:00 am – 3 pm)

Burke Lake Park

7315 Ox Road Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Burke Lake Park charges a $10 entrance fee per car for non-county residents on weekends. There is no charge for Fairfax County residents. NoVAGO encourages attendees not wanting to pay an entrance fee to carpool or find alternitive parking to walk to the pavilion. For other vehicle fees please visit this LINK.

The silent auction will be going on throughout the event, so come and bid on the many cool items that will be up for auction! Our annual auction is NoVAGO’s main source of income. If you have any donations of items, please let NoVAGO know. We hope to see you all there, and look forward to finishing the year on a high note!

Click Here for a updated list of current auction items.

This is NoVAGO’s primary fund raiser, and it allows us to pay for CITO materials, event pavilion rentals, and furnish the burgers, dogs, and sausages for each of our seasonal events, and covers our web hosting fees.  For more information read How NoVAGO uses its budget.


Earlier this year NoVAGO had a special Pathtag made for our 10 year anniversary. These tags sold out within minutes of becoming available.  NoVAGO is please to announce that we have made a second order of these and these will be available at this event.  Tags are $1 each and sold in bags of 5, 10 or 20.


To help celebrate our 10th year Geocaching HQ has granted NoVAGO three 1 Day Only Lab Caches that will released during the event for all to find.  The link to these labs will be released at the event.

Lab Caches are an experimental often found at Mega-Events. In contrast to other cache types, Lab Caches are not required to have a container and can also be located indoors. This allows Lab Cache owners to innovate and test new ideas to make geocaching even more fun.

Our team is working on putting the final touches on the full schedule, events, food, and geocaches so please check back for updates on the various activities.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

Burke Lake park is asking for NoVAGO members to volunteer time to work with Burke Lake park on their Black Friday scavenger hunt.  For more information contact us at 2017officers@novago.org.